October 6

36: Johann Odou – ModelOFF – Financial Modeling World Championship


Johann Odou, the CEO of Professional Services Championship League (PSCL), the group that runs ModelOFF (Financial Modeling World Championship) joins us on Wednesday October 7th at 9:05pm Eastern.

Some big happenings in the 2016 version of ModelOFF.

Free Registration For ModelOFF?

Well… at Excel TV we always look for the free stuff.  And this episode is no different.  We have secured 10 complimentary registrations for the ModelOFF competition.


Hell yes you are!  Join us LIVE to hear the details.

Changes At ModelOFF?

Johann discusses the path that he took to start a Worldwide competition from scratch.  But all good things must evolve.  The competition has branched out to provide training and global meetups.  Johann discusses these in the video below

[ytp_playlist source=”PLofjmZVp54fpBo46_QJ3W-4PnIsYSThV1″]

Just Because I Can

Here are some pics of Johann in action with the Excel TV crew in 2014


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