11: Zack Barresse, Excel MVP

Table Master Extraordinaire

For episode 11 we were joined by Excel MVP and Table aficionado, Zack Barresse. Zack used to be a firefighter, but now he puts out spreadsheet fires. He’s still a volunteer EMS when he’s not building fancy spreadsheets.

The Role of Excel Forums

Zack is one of the original founders of VBA Express, a forum whose tagline is, “bringing VBA to the world.” Zack became really good at Excel at his old job. But he was truly introduced to Excel development through other experts answering his questions on forums. Pretty soon, Zack realized he could help others on forums too. That’s when he started his own forum. Zack has been helping others become better at Excel since 2003, and he’s been recognized as an MVP every year since 2005.

Memoirs of an Excel Table

Zack is also writing a terrific book on Excel Tables. Many people don’t know tables exist while others are too intimidated to use them. Throughout the episode, Zack shares several Table tips you can use today.

Where to find Zack

How about you?

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