January 26

21: Nick Green of EchoXL.com


21: Nick Green of EchoXL.com

Nick Green of ExchoXL.com

Joins us all the way from Columbia.  He got introduced when he fell into the Supply Chain industry after university.  Supply Chain is a chaotic industry.  Nick was forced to sink or swim.  Learn Excel or be fed to the fishes.


Its all about forecasting.

Like tremors in the water.  The further you are from where the pebble hit the brooke, the less likely you are to get the brunt of the impact.  Feel nothing but noise.

Several of the tools built for Supply Chain are built by statisticians for statisticians.  Meaning that the are robust, but difficult to navigate and use.

Look at your phone

Seriously…  Look at it.

What would your phone look like if it was built by engineers for engineers?  Well… it damned sure wouldn’t be so pretty and so easy for non-engineers to use.  Doubt you would be one click away from the internet, or messages at all time.  And it definitely wouldn’t be intuitive.  Neither are most Supply Chain software tools out there.  Nick set out to fix this with EchoXL.com.

Further, the expert panel weighs in on the blend of People, tools and processes that are needed for Excel development.

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