24: Excel MVP and Author Kevin Jones – Excel Expert Interviews

Mr Kevin Jones, Data Automation Guru

OK.  Kevin’s a bit more modest than I am.  Term like guru and “Hey Kevin, tell them about your book…  The best Excel Book ever written”, is met with laughter from Kevin.

Kevin is an Excel MVP, and the author of two Excel books.  Most recently the Excel Tables book that he co-wrote with Zack Barresse.

Kevin has been in the game a long time.  Which made this for an interesting episode.  Because anyone who has been in this game long enough, considers what it might be like to…

Start Your Own Excel Consulting Business

What made this discussion so interesting, is that Jordan and Oz have both been trying their hand at this.  So to hear them discuss best practices, what it was like to get their first client, how they go about getting clients today…  was.. well… priceless.

It means that you get to sit front and center while these guys discuss what has worked for them and what hasn’t.  Not just in any consulting practice, but an Excel consulting practice.

I highly encourage you to take a look through the videos below if you are serious about Excel Consulting

What’s Next

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