March 10

25: SQL Server MVP & PASS BA Conference Member of the Board Denise McInerney


25: SQL Server MVP & PASS BA Conference Member of the Board Denise McInerney

All About PASS BA Conference

SQL Server MVP and PASS Member of the Board joined us to talk about the coming PASS Business Analytics Conference scheduled for April 20-22 in California.

There is an added catch to this episode…  Jordan, Oz and Rick are all presenters.  Covering a variety of topics from Visual Analysis, to Data Preparation and Business Intelligence Strategy.

But that’s not all…

Chandoo will be there.  Bill Jelen (Mr Excel), Ken Puls, Zack Barresse, and a host of other leaders in the Excel Community.  This is going to be a who’s who of the Excel World

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I am the Director of Business Intelligence at a Consulting Firm and am responsible for leading reporting and analytics deployments. I am also a Founder at Excel TV and am dedicated to making this community a home base for Excel users. A place where experts share strategies to Cleanse, Automate and Visualize data.

Rick Grantham

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