27: PASS Business Analytics Conference 2015 - LIVE Stream - Excel TV

27: PASS Business Analytics Conference 2015 – LIVE Stream

That was fun

The entire Excel TV cast was present at the 2015 PASS Business Analytics Conference.  We were each presenters at the conference, speaking on items including data visualization, Business Intelligence strategy and and cleansing data in Excel.

On the second day of the conference, we were given the green light to stream LIVE from the social in the exhibit hall.  We were situated near the bar, so there was a lot of activity.  In the video you will see Chandoo, Chris Webb, Bill Jelen, Ken Puls, Marco Russo, Mico Yuk (the keynote speaker) and many more Excel heros.

But Wait, There’s More…

While we were there, we chatted with a few people.  We talked with presenters, sponsors, and attendees.

  • Presenters gave you insights into their presentations
  • Sponsors chatted about their products and services
  • Attendees chatted about whatever they wanted to talk about… but mostly about how much they liked Oz.

Special attendees also earned a chance at wearing Oz’s hat 🙂

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/embed?layout=gallery&listType=playlist&list=PLofjmZVp54fpmLvCQQNHftapOpFuBYJBn[/embedyt]

What’s next?

Hit one of those social sharing buttons.  Especially LinkedIN.  Let your boss know how badly you want to go to PASS BA Conference next year.

  • […] I’ve had an opportunity to meet some really neat and very intelligent people. I’m a new fan of Mico Yuk (@micoyuk). She is giving the keynote presentation this morning, but I had a chance to speak with her last night. Her experience with and passion for in visual analytics was palpable. I look forward to hearing her talk today. I also had an opportunity to meet Rick Grantham (@BIStrategyGuy) with Excel.TV and was even featured in an Excel TV interview! […]

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