May 27

29: Excel Inspired Cocktail Book w/ Xszil


szilvia juhaszFan favorite Szilvia Juhasz joins us to discuss her book that will be released as a subset of Bill Jelen’s (aka Mr Excel) much anticipated XL: 40 Greatest Excel Tips of All-Time.  The release is aimed for September 2015.

Szilvia’s book is an Excel Themed Concktail book based on Excel references and Excel Gurus. Szilvia interviewed many of the Excel Gurus and worked with a mixologist to develop a cocktail aligned with their personality.  Here are a few examples:

Excel Personality Inspired Drinks

  • Jitterbug Jelen – Inspired by Mr Excel’s Ball Room Dancing (who knew)
  • Chandoo’s Condition – Awesomely chocolat-ey.  Chandoo makes you awesome at Excel, Chocolate makes you awesome at life 🙂
  • The CTRL + B – Bacon infused bourbon inspired by Michael Alexander’s blog “Bacon Bits”.  A modern take on the Bloody Mary.  As I was once told, Anything worth doing is worth doing with bacon.
  • The Dirty Girvin – Inspired by Mr ExcelIsFun Mike Girvin.  Cheap beer and a shot.  Also known as the Airport Special.
  • The RC () Columns – Rob Collie of PowerPivotPro loves him some Gin.

Even More Cocktails

  • DAX on the Beach – Vodka, Lime, Mango, Splash of Lemon/Lime Soda — Oh yea, and DAX
  • The Excel Libre – Vanilla infused rum, roasted lime & coke.  It’s a party drink.  Not that hard to make.
  • The Broken Link – Rye whiskey, Aperol, Amaro, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters.  If you like to drink whiskey with your spreadsheets (guilty as charged)… then this one’s for you.
  • The Corrupted Formula – Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, Lemon, Creme de Yvette.  This is guaranteed to corrupt you.
  • The Sparkline Swizzle – Vodka, Green Tea Syrup, Lemon, Champagne
  • The Stacked Column Shot – Tequila, Curacao, Cinnamon, Lemon, Orange Juice, bitters.  A beautiful looking shot.
  • The Power Pivotini –  It’s a reference to Power Pivot, get it ? Navy strength gin (navy strength?, that must be strong), lime juice, honey, elderflower liqueur, egg white, bitters

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