June 2

30: BI Thought Leader Mico Yuk

Author, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker…

It’s easy to ramble off adjectives when introducing Mico. In her young career, she has accomplished more in the Business Intelligence and visualization community than most others.

I first met Mico several years ago at a BusinessObjects User conference.  But I was familiar with her work long before then.  If you frequented my blog over at RickGrantham.com then you may have heard me refer to this a “hem of the garment syndrome”.

What I mean by this, is that if you put yourself out there enough… make yourself visible and vocal, then people will read your blogs and watch your videos.  If they follow you through words and videos, they will eventually listen to you speak (if its convenient).  If they listen to you speak enough times, they will eventually initiate communication.  Every step moving closer to touching the hem of the garment.  And it all starts with putting yourself out there.  Well…  I sat in Mico’s session and then chatted with her briefly afterwards.  I was moving closer to hem of Mico’s garment, I guess.

Sounds weird when I write that with myself as the pursuer.  But it’s no less true.  Same psychology applies.  And at the time I wasn’t sure why.  Some sort of aura or something.  But I had to see what all the fuss was about.  Why did I keep hearing the name Mico Yuk?

Fast Forward to PASS Business Analytics 2015

Where Mico was now a keynote speaker. Mico’s style is to tell you her opinion almost no matter the size of the stage or who is listening.  And Mico did not disappoint.  At one point in the keynote, someone asked her what Dashboard tools she is using today, and she did NOT just rattle of Microsoft tools, but rather the tools that she really uses.

During the conference, the cast of Excel.TV got to chat with Mico a bit, and we were pleased that she accepted our invitation to join the show.

Using Excel for Business Intelligence

First off, Excel is the ultimate BI tool.  So let’s get that out of the way to begin with.

Secondly, the team bantered this around a bit.  But where we all seemed to agree is that IT has hoarded data and information in a way that isolates them from the business.  Excel is one of the tools that can bridge this divide.  But Technology Groups in most companies need to deploy tools that embrace the end users with tools they are already most comfortable with.  In most organizations, this is Excel.

Check out the Episode

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Where To Find Mico

Mico is in high demand, and is constantly on the road.  International travel mostly. But she always seems to be on twitter or releasing a product of some type.  So check her out on the web.


  • CEO – BI Brainz
  • Founder | BI Trainer – BI Dashboard Formula


What’s Next?

Leave a comment for Mico below?  Or just leave a message to say Hi and let us know if you would like to see more episodes like this.

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