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Welcome to The Spreadsheet Guru

Chris Newman aka Chris Macro aka TheSpreadhseetGuru joins us to discuss the creation of his blog.  Chris runs TheSpreadsheetGuru

Chris gathered his skills in the workplace.  During a rotational assignment he happened upon Excel and had to clean up spreadsheets and found that he had a gift for it.  His fancy spreadsheet footwork garnered him the name Chris Macro by one of his bosses.

Learning Through Forums

Chris found some of earliest help through Forums.  Particularly the Mr Excel forum. Chris taught himself VBA, which helped him stand out in the office.  Since Chris was in a rotational assignment, he took his VBA skills with him in each role, which helped him become known as the :go to guy” for VBA and Macros.

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  • i appreciate these tultairos very much! easier than reading a how-to book. i’ve only just started watching the series so only finished video 3 but i have two questions. after you type in the code (1) how do you save it in the workbook and exit the vba editor (2) when you open excel how do you check which macros/functions are saved in the workbook? thanks again and i look forward to viewing the rest of your tultairos!

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