49: Theresa Estrada – Microsoft Principal Program Manager Lead


Note: This was originally recorded in early 2020 and was shelved until now because the Excel Global Summit was postponed due to the global pandemic of 2020.

Starting off Season 05 with a BANG, we bring you Theresa Estrada - Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft. She is one of the Keynote Speakers at the Global Excel Summit that is coming February 6-9, 2021. It is a virtual conference, so you can enjoy this from the comfort of your own home.

Theresa started out in Accounting. That means spreadsheets. That's where her fun started. She always wanted to work for Microsoft and loved Excel. Now she works on the product daily. She has been at Microsoft for 20 years.

Theresa mentions that the pace of change for the product has increased dramatically over the last year.  

  • Dynamic Array Formulas.
  • Fundamentally changing the calculation engine
  • Collaboration - People can work in the same spreadsheet at the same time.
  • Capabilities to find trends and patterns via AI

Theresa leads a team of program managers that are focused on:

  • They significantly sped up the LookUp functions.
  • Much quicker updates to the product.  Remember those 3 year release cycles?

During Theresa's Keynote she will be discussing how to make tackle the new problems in the workplace.  Increased data and demands.  Increased need for collaboration.  Will discuss how AI can fit into your solution for more effortless collaboration.

Related to the Global Excel Summit, Excel TV is proud to be the Lead Media Partner for the virtual conference.  In addition we will have signed on to be an exhibitor.  So there will be plenty of opportunity to reach out virtually during the conference.

About the author 

Rick Grantham

I am the Director of Business Intelligence at a Consulting Firm and am responsible for leading reporting and analytics deployments. I am also a Founder at Excel TV and am dedicated to making this community a home base for Excel users. A place where experts share strategies to Cleanse, Automate and Visualize data.

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