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The Excel.TV Difference: Excel Together

We believe the only way to get better at something is to work on it together. We know the frustrations you have. From spending hours searching Google for Excel help, to sending resume after resume trying to land a role in analytics, business intelligence or data science. If we can help make your life easier by saving you time and money, making you feel better about your work and resume, or simply adding some nerdy fun and entertainment in your life - we're here for it! 

At Excel TV, we believe we're all in this together. And together, we can Excel. That's why we have hours of free content, including interviews with experts, and exclusive tips. We cover everything from Pivot Tables to Excel Dashboards, from basic analytics to Data Science, from landing a job as an analyst to how to run an Excel project. It's all here. The only thing missing? You. 

At the end of the day, we're professionals just like you. Be a part of our dynamic community of experts. Check out a free webinar, sign up for one of our courses, or just explore our blog.

Thanks, and welcome to Excel TV.

Our Journey

Excel.TV started as an idea back in 2014. Rick and Jordan met randomly through LinkedIn. Rick was just starting to get his web company, Spreadsheet Champion, going. He wanted to interview Jordan over Skype to get an Excel expert's perspective on the problems many people face in Excel. 

Jordan was working for a consulting firm and was really unhappy with the work; he wanted an outlet in which to share his ideas and creativity. Jordan was very much an unconventional Excel user.; he frequently challenged norms and argued the way we've been doing things was wrong. 

Rick and Jordan realized they could start something bigger together: a web series of data users of all kinds to get together and learn from other experts. In putting together the show, Jordan imagined a cross between the NPR shows Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me and Car Talk. They solicited the help of Oz du Soleil, whom Jordan had also only met over LinkedIn. He invited Szilvia Juhausz as the Excel expert to be part of the first episode. And with that, Excel.TV was born. You can still watch the very first episode by clicking here. We know how bad it is.

Since then, Excel.TV has completed over 45 episodes across three seasons with interviews with Chandoo, Mynda Traecy, Mike Girvin, Bill Jelen and more. 

As time went on, Excel.TV shifted into becoming a knowledge hub for analysts. We built out the website and released five courses targeted towards analysts working with data. Our flagship course, Excel Dashboard Pro, created by our very own Jordan Goldmeier, and based on his book Dashboards for Excel, has several hundred students. 

Excel.TV has been a learning journey for its two founders, Jordan Goldmeier and Rick Grantham. In turning this into a business, we've encountered our share of hurdles, setbacks and defeats. At times, we've tried to maintain our footing in an ever-changing online learning landscape. That's why, in 2019, we refocused our efforts on helping people with more than just Excel. We want to help them excel at all the things they need to make them successful. And we overhauled our communications to focus on content people love!

Since We Started

Today, Excel.TV is more than just the hour long episodes we put together for YouTube. We strive to be the center of all things data whether it's using a tool like excel or learning how to land a job in analytics. In addition to the old interview interview show format, we've added shorter episodes geared toward providing you targeted knowledge. And we've expanded into the following offerings:

  • Free content that goes above and beyond Excel as a tool
  • Training, both online and onsite 
  • Consulting, both remote and onsite
  • Career coaching, from resume help to interview tips


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Rick Grantham, CBIP
Chief Executive Officer

I bring a passion for analytics and data that spans over two decades. Everything from financial modeling to the use of Excel for Operations Research optimization models. I have more of a focus on larger clients and industrial strength reporting and analytic solutions. 

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