How we started

We had our first broadcast on February 28th, 2014.  Our friend Szilvia Juhasz joined us for the first show as an experiment that would eventually lead to her regular seat on our panel.  We pulled the trigger on the show within two weeks of first discussing it.   If you asked Rick, he would say that the show originated as an extension of video interviews that he was doing for Excel experts.  Jordan would say he floated the idea of doing a podcast based on a format of one of his favorite shows Car Talk.  If you asked Oz, he would say that he: 1) Loves Data 2) Just started taking classes at Second City and that 3) Things just lined up perfectly.  In short, things lined up for all of us in a way that none of us could have orchestrated.

What we do

Our show was originally planned as a 30 minute show.  But the first episode went on for over an hour.  So now we turn on our webcams at 9:05pm Eastern time every other Tuesday night.  Possibly have a beer or three, and discuss Excel and Analytics until we are bored with ourselves.  The show's agenda often looks like this:

  • Excel Challenge - generally some swag is awarded to the winner
  • Excel Interview - Occasionally an Excel celebrity will join us
  • Excel Topic - Jordan throws out an Excel or analytic related topic for the panel to discuss
  • Excel Tips - Oz sits as judge and jury, awarding sriracha's for your Excel Tips
  • Excel News - Rick and the panel discuss what is happening in the Excel community

What we are not

We use Google Hangouts as our primary video delivery vehicle.  As such, we craft a series of Excel related topics to discuss, turn on our webcams and share with the community for an hour or more.  The broadcast may be hampered by internet connectivity issues, browser crashes, etc.  Google Hangouts were not intended for professional video delivery.  As such, we may eventually outgrow Hangouts as a delivery mechanism, but it is what we have for the moment.  We are not professionals.  We don't have writers or makeup artists 🙂  We are just having fun and hoping to give back to the Excel community.

Join the conversation

We invite you to join us on any of our social media accounts.  We are a chatty bunch.  Do you have an idea for the show?  Have news you would like for us to share?  Just want to say hi and maybe share a tip?  Then hit us up:

Or...  you could always just leave your hate mail right here on our blog 🙂  Feel free to leave a comment below and join the conversation.

Tell your Momma about us...

And feel free to to hit one of those social sharing thing-a-ma-jigs at the top of the page.  Certainly you want your whole family on Facebook knowing how cool you are -- following an Analytics Hangout and all.  Plus, as Momma always said --sharing is caring