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About: Jordan Goldmeier

2016-04-10_11-41-40I teach people to think differently about spreadsheets and data. 

Hi there, I’m Jordan Goldmeier! I’m an internationally recognized data scientist and visualization expert, author, and keynote speaker. I’m the owner of Cambia Factor, a data consulting agency and the author of Advanced Excel Essentials (Apress 2014) and Dashboards for Excel (Apress 2015). I’ve consulted with and provided training for NATO, the Pentagon, and Financial Times among others, My work has been cited by and quoted in the Associated Press, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Dice News, and American Express OPEN Forum. I’ve held the prestigious MVP award from Microsoft since 2013. Most of us have grown accustomed to certain spreadsheet styles or coding principles. But few have challenged these rules.

I’m convinced that always doing the same things over and over again holds up back. For instance, many people’s Excel skill top-out way before they should as macros and even some formulas feel too advanced for them to learn (or so they believe). The reality is, most of these concepts are easy. We have to stop looking at Excel and VBA as separate entities. And we have to stop teaching archaic development principles that no longer apply (blech: like Hungarian Notation).

I’m particularly interested in using Excel in ways we thought we couldn’t (or even shouldn’t). For instance, the rollover technique is one way we can use Excel to mimic the interactivity of a webpage. But Excel can also be used for what the late Paul Jensen referred to as “soft computing.” When we think of Operations Research type techniques like linear optimization and simulation, we’ll usually prefer larger software products. But Excel can do this type of computing. And for many companies, it’s often cheaper and better for them to build in Excel than go with a huge vendor package.

I firmly believe the are three pillars to high-quality Excel development:

  • Good developing practices. This means using proper variable names, minimizing expensive Excel operations, removing copious looping and minimizing volatile functions.
  • Good data visualization. This means avoiding extravagant that might impress management but are ultimately meaningless. Focus on letting the data speak for itself.
  • “Thinking outside the cell.” This is a term I use in the book to play on “thinking outside the box.” But we can only progress professionally–and personally–when we challenge convention.  There’s no reason to continue doing something simply because that’s how we’ve always done it. Indeed, I’ve written the two previous bullets using language like “avoid” and “minimize,” because there are times when it makes sense to break these rules. Breaking rules is what makes us human.


How To Find Me

If you’re looking for me online, you can find me on these platforms.

And, of course, you can always email me: jordan (at) excel (dot) tv.

Can we grab a beer?

I live in the Kew Gardens neighborhood of Queens, New York City and I work in Flat Iron. Whether you live here or are just stopping by for business or pleasure, let me know! I’d love to grab a drink and talk about data.

Can I hire you?

Of course! Use the trusty contact box on CambiaFactor.com to learn more.

Where do you speak/teach?

Some of my clients include University of Cincinnati, TDWI, PASS Business Analytics, Pragmatic Works, and ModelOFF Global Training. My topics have included advanced Excel, data visualization, data science methods, and building functional data-driven organizations.

I have a busy speaking and teaching schedule, so if you want me to speak, you’ll need to let me know at least sixty days in advance. Email me jordan (at) excel (dot) tv to inquire about speaking opportunities.

I also speak locally in NYC at various user groups. If you’d like me to speak locally or remotely to your user group for an hour or two, let me know by emailing me at jordan (at) excel (dot) tv.