About: Rick Grantham - Excel TV

About: Rick Grantham

photo1Hi.  I’m Rick.  It’s always a little weird to talk about yourself.  But here it goes.

I am the Chief Analytics Officer at BiBrainz.com and am responsible for leading reporting and analytics deployments around the country — sometimes the globe.  I am also the emcee at Excel TV.  I lost the coin toss 🙂

What I Bring to Excel TV

I bring a passion for analytics and data that spans over 2 decades.  Everything from financial modeling to the use of Excel for Operations Research optimization models.  I have more of a focus on larger clients and industrial strength reporting and analytic solutions.  My background includes:

  • Datamining and algorithm buildingIf you have a credit card, I may have written the algorithm that determines how you get treated if you go past due or over limit.  I am over a decade out of practice on this stuff…  but it is part of my background.
  • Financial Modeling – I built forecasting models in the credit card industry to predict bankruptcies and past due credit risk.  Later in my career, I was responsible for developing the ‘Pricing’ at an HR Outsourcing company.  This included building salary arbitrage models and forward looking financial statement (NPV, IRR, etc) for $100M+ deals.rick speaker
  • Six Sigma and Process Improvement – I am a Six Sigma Blackbelt and led a team of data miners and Six Sigma Blackbelts at a Fortune 500 Company
  • Business Intelligence – I was the global lead for Business Intelligence for a Fortune 500 Company and have led Business Intelligence deployments of 4 continents.  I am a Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP) from the Data Warehouse Institute.
  • Public Speaking – I typically speak at 2+ Reporting and Analytics Conferences a year.
  • Excel – I have been in and out of Excel for 20 years and I consider myself an Excel Enthusiast.  I friggin’ love this stuff 🙂  And I have determined that this is how I want to spend the second half of my career.  So I’m here to stay.  Might as well get used to me.

Unrelated Facts


Me and the Boyz

  • I am a divorced father of 3 boys.
  • I am still a traveling consultant and manage the growth of the Business Intelligence & Analytics practice at my employer, BiBrainz.
  • I often blog for my employer on industrial-strength analytical issues.
  • Since I travel so frequently, in many shows you will find me in a hotel room- because that is just the way my life is right now.
  • I have a Bachelors in General Studies from Jacksonville University. — yep, General Studies.  Don’t be a HATER!
  • I believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars and Florida Gators will win every game they play.  Seriously.  They really will.
  • I reside in Orange Park, Florida – just outside of Jacksonville.

Let’s grab a beer or some coffee

I live in NorthEast Florida. Specifically, I am just outside of Jacksonville in a small town called Fleming Island.  If you are passing through, let me know.  Let’s meet up.  Hit me up!  Send me an Email at Excel.TV

Hire Me

Need to roll out PowerBI ro any other reporting technology?  How about implementing HANA or moving data to/from various applications such as ADP or Salesforce.com?  Has your organization just purchased tools and you need a strategy for how all of this comes together?  Data Migration? Data Warehousing?  ETL? Portal Integration and dashboard/report design and deployment?  Or even just some help in determining what your KPIs should be?  Let’s talk.  Send me an Email at BiBrainz.com