Based on a True Story


Los Angeles–based Szilvia Juhasz, known in the Excel world simply as XSzil, is a Cleveland, Ohio, native. As a young, aspiring spreadsheet artist, she ran away from home because her parents insisted that she would never make it as an Excel consultant. “Why can’t you focus on something practical…like acting or singing?!” they would plead. But Szilvia had Sparklines in her eyes, and Excel in her soul. One day, with nothing but her Windows 95 laptop, her tears, and the Mr. Excel poster she’d torn down from her bedroom wall, she defi antly boarded a standby flight to Budapest to hang with fellow Excel bohemians and beg in the streets for unpaid Excel internships. Eventually she wound up in San Francisco, working as a nightclub singer to pay the bills while pursuing her ultimate dream of being an Excel consultant.

Fast forward to present day. When she’s not making her millions on Excel TV, Szilvia is busy helping her clients improve business processes, optimize new and existing systems, and maximize their Excel / analytics prowess with her customized workshops and training programs. The organizations she has helped range from small start ups seeking investor funding to large corporate conglomerates managing complex systems, and from Hollywood studios (classic and modern-digital age), to large government institutions like NASA. In 2015, she co-authored Mr Excel XL40: The 40 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time with Bill Jelen, aka Mr Excel. But even “off spreadsheet” her mind doesn’t stray far from the Excel gridlines, as her Excel-inspired parody music, jingles, and animation videos might suggest.

What Brings Szilvia to Excel TV

Szilvia’s Excel-love-at-first-sight experience sparked a passion that has shaped her entire professional life. Her diverse experiences and depth of knowledge bring fresh voice to Excel TV.

But frankly she already had us at Excel-themed cocktails*


stacked column shot

  * Collect all twelve recipes in the special recipe chapter of her book !


As if the cocktails were not enough, throughout her life, Szilvia has concocted up some pretty tasty Excel solutions and juicy tricks, some just obscure enough to stump several Excel MVPs (four of them, but who’s counting?). But as Szilvia likes to remind us: While we at Excel TV, and the community at large love, love, love us some Excel, Excel is but one tool, one part of the larger people-process-tools ecosystem that is at the core of every business challenge. She approaches each new undertaking in her professional life with this same perspective.

Here are some samples of fancy things she has pulled off in her Excel-adventures:

Executive dashboard, Client: IT service provider


Grant proposal streamliner and budget builder. Client: Academic / non profit

Grant proposal streamliner and budget builder. Client: Academic / non profit


Order entry & processing template. Client: Retail manufacturing startup.
Order entry & processing template. Client: Retail manufacturing startup.

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