Advanced Excel Essentials – author Jordan Goldmeier [Interview]

First off, a little story

I have a friend from high school that is a successful fashion designer in Los Angeles.  Successful in that she came from nothing, and is now likely a multi-millionaire.  If you are at a resort and pick up some “resort-wear”, you are likely buying something from her company.  Anyways, I had lunch with her last year, and asked her what made her get off her butt and actually do it.  What stopped her from “working for the man” to “being the man”.  And she answered that she was a part time “fit model” (guess that’s what they call people that stand still while the designer is designing to their body) and she was working for someone that was successful that was…  as she put it…  an IDIOT.

She said…  if this idiot can be successful.  Then so can I.

That reminds me of Jordan’s story

Jordan was an Excel developer for a consulting firm when he went to a conference and heard someone speak about Excel.  The topics discussed were ten years old.  He was like — ho hum, this topic is so Bon Jovi… so 1980’s.  So he looked around the Excel community and saw that there were very few people doing something new. Jordan noted Chandoo and Daniel Ferry of Excel HERO as a few of several online exceptions.

Well…  if that IDIOT at the conference can speak in front of a room full of people…  then why not me?

OK…  Maybe a took some liberties with that quote.  He actually said nothing like that. 🙂

Whats the book about?

Jordan discusses a few topics in this interview:

  • Hungarian Notation – Guess what?  He’s not a fan.  That’s some Bad Medicine
  • Option Explicit – He likes it.  Wants to use it anyway he can.  Wanted Dead or Alive

Loose CamelCase, Naming Conventions for ranges, IF Statements, and much more is discussed in the book and is available in the video interview.

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