November 6

Advanced Excel Essentials has been Published!


Take your Excel skills to the next level!

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Advanced Excel Essentials can be purchased through Amazon or through Apress’ website. The eBook will be available soon and can only be ordered on Apress’ website right now. If you’re looking to save a few dollars, Amazon is the way to go. If you use any of the Amazon links provided, I’ll get a very, very small referral fee. On the other hand, if you go through Apress’ site and pay the manufacturer’s retail price, I’ll get a greater royalty. So buy it wherever you want: it’s mox nix to me.

If you’d like to sample before you buy, all book files are available for download on Apress’ website for free. That’s right: you don’t need to purchase the book to download its files. But I’m also releasing Chapters 1 and 3 for free. I’ll provide more details on that soon.

According to Apress, almost all their book sales happen online these days. So I don’t know if you’ll find my book in a bookstore near you. That’s all really up to the distributor. That said, if you do find it on a bookshelf, I’d love to see it. I can’t think of anything more gratifying than finding your own book in a book store. So please take a happy snap with your phone and send me a pick. I would love you forever if you did that.

Finally, for those who previously purchased my ‘Dashboards’ book through Apress’ Alpha program, you are eligible for a free copy of my ‘Essentials’ book for a limited time! Please send me an email with some evidence that you are in the alpha program. I’m not sure yet the format the free book will take. If you’d prefer a pdf over a print book, just let me now and I’ll do what I can.

It feels great to finally get a book out. There are so many things on this blog I start but don’t always finish. I’m sure you’ve noticed it (or maybe not). For instance, I started my manifesto on Hungarian Notation but never wrote the third article in the trilogy. There’s always some tension, perhaps even guilt, about writing for this blog (or for my LinkedIn blog, as I do sometimes) when there’s still a whole book to finish. And there’s Excel.TV, my consulting gig, and a slew of other side projects.

But now, at least, I can say I finished something!

And then I remember I still have to finish the Dashboards book. But I am very close. My second author is someone you know: it’s Purna “Chandoo” Duggirala of Bringing him on to write a few chapters was the best decision I ever made. Especially because my original plan was to write a few chapters on interfacing Access with Excel. Chandoo is now going to write these on PowerPivot, which can interface with Access and do so much more.

Final Thoughts

There are also some significant changes happening to this blog. I’m in the process of relaunching my company as Cambia Factor.

The question becomes what will happen to this blog. Right now I have several blogging outlets. On LinkedIn, for example, I blog about data and consulting in general. I also blog for Excel.TV on stuff that overlaps with this blog. Finally, I also want to start blogging about my consulting experiences in general, and what lessons I’ve learned so far.

I’ll need to decide whether this blog will sit on its own or becomes subsumed into my company’s brand. There is a good case to make in either direction… I welcome your thoughts, dear readers. What do you think?



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