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100+ Best Excel Books – Learning Spreadsheets

I had a lot of fun putting together my recent list of Top Excel Help Resources on the web.  It started out as a Top 10 list… but then I started getting a lot of comments about other great sites all over the web, and the list ballooned.  Its a great resource, you can find it […]

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100+ Best Excel Resources And Websites

I went to ALL the Excel Discussion Groups on the internet and asked all the Excel Gurus, MVPs etc one question… <drumroll included for dramatic effect> <you’re thinking of a drumroll aren’t you? :)> What are the Best Excel Resources on the Web? Well, as of this writing there are 86 comments. And you will see that […]

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Arena.xlsm Guide – A Video Game in Excel

Dude… Like a REALLLL Video Game in Excel???  Like… Free, Right? Yeah…  That’s what I thought too.  When I first chatted with Cary Walkin over at CaryWalkin.ca. I recommended Cary’s VBA tutorial BLOG VBA4Play over on my Excel Help – Resources & Tutorials page, because I was blown away by the level of detail that […]

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Create a dependent drop-down list

Excel data validation not only includes controlling a specific cell, but it also allows for creating a secondary drop-down list that is completely dependent on the first or primary list. In other words, once the first list is displayed, and a parameter chosen, then a subset might exist for any given parameter. By further defining […]

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How to Create a Drop Down List in Excel

Data validation, when used within the Excel framework, is basically a control function. In this excel tutorial I will show you how it prevents users from entering bad data into a particular cell. Most often, users inadvertently enter the information into the wrong cell, but if the cell is programmed with an excel drop down […]

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