March 6

Bob Umlas, Excel MVP – Help from the Excel Experts


Bob UmlasThis is the fifth in a series of interviews targeting people who “Make a Difference” in the Excel community. Authors, Blog Writers, Teachers, excel support gurus, etc. If they are a Microsoft Excel expert — then I am trying to tackle them and get them to speak to you here. Many of these interviews will be video skype interviews, and others will be text.

Bob Umlas, Author and the longest running Excel MVP. Bob has been working with Excel since version 0.99.  He has written several Excel books and is the technical editor of Bill Jelen’s Mr Excel books.  In this interview, Bob explains how the Excel MVP program started, and how he became involved in the summit.  Additionally, Bob explains leaves his email address and tells you how you can get in contact with him.  This is an audio interview, so hit play…  put on your headphones… and tune in.

Other discussions about Bob Umlas on Excel TV

I was excited to release the interview of Bob, so I couldn’t help but brag about it on the first episode of Excel TV. The video below fast forwards to the part of the TV show where I discuss Bob’s books.

This link Fast Forwards to my Youtube discussion about Bob

Bob Umlas on the Web

Bob’s Books

Other Sites Mentioned…

Other Excel Expert Interviews

Thank you Bob

Thanks for joining us Bob.  I appreciate you being a good sport and being kind while I mispronounced your last name — I was a bit nervous talking with one of the guys who started it all 🙂

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