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Excel Challenges

Each episode, we provide an Excel challenge to you–the community! The challenges range from fundamental Excel skills to miscellaneous Excel history. But all challenges are aimed for a variety of skill levels, so don’t be afraid to try your hand. For correct answers, we give away prizes donated to us by supporters of the show! […]

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Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel Hot Tips! Each episode of Excel TV includes a section of Hot Tips, where we share different was of getting more out of Excel. Legitimate tips can be Excel formulas, VBA, PowerPivot or even non-Excel applications that can help enhance Excel. Why Hot Tips? Simply, food is not food unless it’s spicy. And we’re […]

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Excel Expert Interviews

Excel MVP’s, Bloggers, FORUM owners, and Trainers If you know of someone important in the Excel Community, then we attempt to track them down and get them to talk to us here at Excel TV.  This includes Excel authors, publishers, trainers, etc.. Just scroll through the thumbnails below.  You will find Bill Jelen (Mr Excel), […]

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Excel Industry News

Excel industry news is where we share news you can use from the Excel community. We’ll let you know about free webinars, community events, contests, add-in releases and so much more! Have something to share? We invite the entire Excel community to join us in bringing the best information about news and events to you. […]

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excel topics

Excel Topics – Discussions With Excel Experts

Each episode we choose a topic relevant to you! Topics can range from What is Modern Excel?, to How to become an Excel MVP, and our Most Embarrassing Client stories. Have an idea for an Excel discussion? We welcome ALL topic submissions. If you have an idea for a topic because you find it inspiring, funny, frightening, or […]

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Full Episodes

Here’s where you can watch the last 10 episodes from start-to-finish, stem-to-stern, in all their Excel goodness. Put your glasses on and take your shoes off. Rick, Jordan and I hope that you’ll enjoy the fun, learn something, and enjoy being part of the Excel community. For all of the Excel TV full episodes, check […]

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