Completing the Square aka The "Most" Squares Method


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A while ago, I was wondering how to make the cells in Excel exactly square, like the squares on graph paper.  I came across this post from Mr. Excel.  I wasn’t in love with his solution because it requires users to first find their desired width by dragging a column, then writing it down (keep in mind it’s in pixels, so you might not have an easy round number), and then entering it into an input box.

So, without further ado, I present my solution that doesn’t require you to write anything down:

Private Sub AutoSize()

    Dim cels As Range
    Set cels = Me.Cells
    cels.ColumnWidth = 1  'Adjust me
    cels.RowHeight = cels(1, 1).width
    Set cels = Nothing

End Sub

To get different sized squares, simply adjust your ColumnWidth.  For further reading, checkout why widths in Excel are so tricky.

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Jordan Goldmeier

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