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New Webinar Series on August 16th Presented in Partnership with PASS Excel BI VC – Register Now!

Join us on Tuesday August 16th for our upcoming webinar series with Excel TV brought to you by PASS Excel BI VC. Excel TV is partnering with the PASS Excel BI VC to bring you four back-to-back 1-hour webinars live! Learn to create outstanding spreadsheet modules, clean your data, create effective dashboards and understand how […]

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Is There An Analytics Talent Gap?

Analytics Landscape Even though the Analytics landscape is growing increasingly complex, imagining a future of Excel that is very different from the present still seems difficult. With tools like PowerPivot, would VLOOKUP finally be rendered obsolete? And if so, who will claim the “spreadsheet” throne? There’s just too many unanswered questions. With Szilvia Juhasz facilitating […]

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Games in Excel and In Excel Training – Gamification with Spreadsheets

For all the gaming aficionados out there, this week’s topic will surely hit it out of the park. Together with Jordan Goldmeier, Rick Grantham, Oz du Soleil and our special guest Cary Walking (creator of Arena.Xlsm), we will explore quite a few interesting themes. From learning Excel through developing games to using games while delivering […]

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Excel for iPad

With the introduction of Excel for iPad, the obvious question that comes to mind is around usability. But a lot more important topics also surface up in the background. And that is exactly the topic for today’s discussion. Let’s join Jordan Goldmeier, Oz du Soleil, Rick Grantham and our special guest Bill Jelen to see […]

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What Is Modern Excel?

We all know that Modern Excel is impacting our everyday lives. But the question is, five or ten years from now, would we be doing the same things but better? Or would the landscape have changed dramatically? Jordan Goldmeier is here to facilitate the discussion over this theme in the presence of our in-house experts […]

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Stupid Excel Stories

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done in Excel? Our Excel experts are here to share their own stories. Facilitated by Jordan Goldmeier, we have Oz du Soleil, Rick Grantham and our special guest Jon Peltier on the panel. What are we waiting for? 1 – Jordan Jordan shared had a bunch of […]

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How To Start An Excel Podcast

Welcome to Excel Podcast 101! In this week’s episode we will cover everything you need to know to get started with your own Excel podcast. Facilitated by Rick Grantham, we have Oz du Soleil, Jordan Goldmeier and our special guest John Michaloudis (from MyExcelOnline) on the panel. Let the learning begin! 1 – Why do […]

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Excel File Naming Conventions – Name Style Rules

Naming your Excel files is something which doesn’t get any coverage of any of the Excel blogs out there. And many, if not most, people do not feel that file names are something to put a thought into. But time and again we are lost looking for a spreadsheet that we really need or are […]

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How to Deliver Excel Training

This episode is around discussing tips on delivering Excel training. In our panel of experts we have Oz du Soleil, Jordan Goldmeier and Rick Grantham. And they are joined by our special guest Keidra Chaney. Keidra has 7 years of experience training people in Analytics at various levels. Let’s get on with it! 1 – […]

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Documenting Complex Excel Formulas with Mike “ExcelIsFun” Girvin

As Excel experts, we are constantly in need of using complex formulas to get tasks done faster and elegantly. But this can prove to be troublesome for the users if they want to understand the formulas or change something in them. One solution is to use comments extensively, but they can become messy really quickly. […]

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Excel MVP Program – Excel Community Involvement

This episode sheds light on why people do or should get involved with Excel’s online communities and what has Microsoft’s MVP program achieved. Our special guest for this episode is Kari Finn, Manager of MVP Community at Microsoft. What are we waiting for? 1 – Sharing Excel Expertise Online Being good at a particular technology […]

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Power Query Book Author Ken Puls – Excel Expert Interviews

This week’s special guest is Ken Puls. He’s a Certified Management Accountant who also runs His recent accomplishments include a book on Power Query titled “M is for (Data) Monkey” and a video training endeavor “Power Query Training” which offers an online workshop for first-time Excel users and a digital version of the book. […]

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Chris Newman of – Excel Expert Interviews

Chris Newman of  joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier on Excel TV. What Is Chris Macro? Rick: Chris Newman AKA Chris Macro AKA Mr. TheSpreadsheetGuru, I have to ask you, where did the Chris Macro name come from? Chris: Chris Macro was a […]

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Excel Book Author Oz du Soleil – Excel Expert Interviews

This episode’s special guest is an Excel expert, consultant, blogger and book author. Yes, our very own Oz du Soleil. He discusses the progress on a book he’s writing on Excel and his upcoming online show on Excel. So, let’s get to it! 1 – Full Contact Data Management You guessed it right! His new […]

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Blogging Buddies: Meet Alex of “It’s not about the cell”

Each month, we’ll introduce you to up-and-coming and new-to-the-scene Excel and data analysis blogs. We know how hard it’s to start a new blog, particularly in this space. So with this series, we want to give new bloggers a platform to help spread their message! Below we’ve asked Alex Powers, owner of, answer some questions […]

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