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What the ModelOFF competition says about the future of Excel

Back to regular life… We had such a great time at ModelOFF, it’s hard to go back to the slow pace of real life. I know that we at Excel.TV always go back to this point. But Excel is so much more than a boring software program used by boring people. Excel has a lot […]

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Streaming Thoughts from Modeloff

I am sitting in the Modeloff FINALS Ceremony. First things first… Smart group of people here.  I am used to walking in almost any room and being pretty sure that I know Excel better than anyone else in the room.  WOW.  Am I ever out of my element here. These people race each other in […]

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ModelOFF, the day of the test!

Today is the day of the final test for the sixteen competitors. Rick took some pictures of finalists (which will be posted in a later blog  post). I had a chance to view the testing space, but only for a quick moment. I can tell you: the room was mostly silent except for the quick, […]

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ModelOff 2014 – Here I Come

Quick question… What self-described introvert is headed to #Modeloff, gets upgraded to first class, and is ecstatic to find the seat next to him is broken.  <— This Guy bada-bing Landed in NYC Today for Modeloff And I’m very anxious to get started.  Jordan and I are holed up in a basement in Brooklyn.  When I […]

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Up Late, Preparing for ModelOff 2014

It’s 12:14am and I’m up preparing for the 2014 ModelOff that’s happening this weekend in New York City. I stopped to look at the profiles of the 16 competitors and there are some common themes. First, many are from the Australia-New Zealand region. When I think of that part of the globe I don’t think Excel […]

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18: MVP Summit 2014

What a Great Time! In case you missed it, the Excel.TV team made a guest appearance at the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Showcase. According to Microsoft, the showcase is where, “over 65 MVPs congregate in one room during the 2014 MVP Summit to share their passion, expertise and projects.” As an Excel MVP, I nominated […]

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What is Big Data?

On episode #15 we briefly discussed “Big Data. Is it real or a buzzword?” Zack and Bill tied Big Data’s definition to volume. Jordan also mentioned volume of data, and started to say something about technology. My position was (and remains), “I have no idea. I’ll deal with whatever my clients hand me.” (Scroll to […]

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Hello world!

Excel Nerds are Welcome here. C’mon in. Take a load off. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee by the fire. Welcome the next phase in our experiment.  We’ve been developing and growing our show for a while now and this seems like the next logical step. But perhaps I should back up a bit Hit […]

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100+ Best Excel Books – Learning Spreadsheets

I had a lot of fun putting together my recent list of Top Excel Help Resources on the web.  It started out as a Top 10 list… but then I started getting a lot of comments about other great sites all over the web, and the list ballooned.  Its a great resource, you can find it […]

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100+ Best Excel Resources And Websites

I went to ALL the Excel Discussion Groups on the internet and asked all the Excel Gurus, MVPs etc one question… <drumroll included for dramatic effect> <you’re thinking of a drumroll aren’t you? :)> What are the Best Excel Resources on the Web? Well, as of this writing there are 86 comments. And you will see that […]

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