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Highlighted Timeline Chart in Excel Without VBA: Raw and Uncut

IntroductionI built a chart that let’s you highlight a series from a smaller chart (take a look at that the chart under the timeline) and show it in more detail on a larger chart. Yahoo! Finance used to have something similar, although I can’t find it anymore. But anyone who has looked up stocks online […]

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Excel Data Visualization: Presidential Approval Ratings with Slicers & Power Query – Chart Tricks

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you’ll love the chart I’ve created, which you can adapt and use in your own work. The instructions are a bit complicated, so rather than go through every element with figures, I’ve written up what I would do assuming you’re watching and following along in the […]

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Advanced Excel Tutorial – VLOOKUP() Speed in Excel | Excel TV, Episode 54

CORRECTIONSeveral people pushed back on the video I release this morning and I want to thank them (and in particular Wim Gielis). This caused me to open my laptop on the train while on the way to a client’s office (so I could see if I was wrong … which I was!). When I realized […]

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Sorting in Excel Dashboards

We all aware of harnessing the power of VBA to dynamically sort dashboards based on user input. But is there a simpler, more elegant solution? Yes, there is. And Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier is here to solve this mystery for us. Let’s dive in! 1 – The Excel Dashboard Data The image below shows an […]

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Dynamic Labels – Excel Dashboards Tips

Many a times we want to include chart titles in our dashboards, but we don’t since they are not dynamic. If your user changes some filters, you would want your pivot chart titles to update automatically. Well, there is a way to actually do that, to make these chart labels truly dynamic. And Excel MVP […]

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Excel Prevent Buttons, Shapes and Objects from Resizing – Excel Tricks

Are you fond of using Dashboards in Excel? I know you would say “Yes” and why not everyone likes it. It is one of the beautiful things that can be done using Excel. So, we would have many objects to make Dashboard looks pretty. In that, we would want to insert a header, new rows […]

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Auto Resizing an Excel Spreadsheet For Your Dashboard

Do you know that Excel allows us to zoom to a specified area in your work sheet? Yes, you heard it right. Suppose, you have an Excel sheet and while doing demo or so, you want to zoom to specified area, it can be done easily. Our very own Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier lets us […]

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Dynamically Select Different Chart Types – Excel Dashboard Tips

Most of us employ Excel to analyze data in search of some insights. For us, this is an enjoyable step. The not-so-pleasing step is the one that follows data exploration: presenting our findings. It is not an easy job to decide which chart-type will depict our analysis in the best possible way to the end […]

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Interactive Excel Dashboard Tips Using Slicers and Pivot Charts

We, as data analysts and Excel experts, are always trying to hunt down new and better techniques to create dashboards. Be it in terms of either design or interactivity, there is always something out there which will appeal to us. In the same vein, Excel MVP Mynda Treacy is here to show us some cool […]

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How to Build Sparkline Charts in Excel – MS Excel Tutorials

Sparklines allow quick and easy visualization of data. These charts do not require you to go through the hassle of formatting chart axes. As shown in the picture on the right, Sparkline charts fit in a single cell. This allows for easy treatment and formatting, as will be explained below. They are also a cool […]

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