DAX Formulas for PowerPivot – 005 VBAExpress Forums Challenge of the Week

Hello! Excel TV is back with another interesting and useful Excel Challenge. Before getting in to this episode’s Excel Challenge, Excel Author Jordan Goldmeier wants to reveal the answer for previous episode’s challenge. Here we go!

Last Week’s Challenge

Last week Jordan asked how to enable the last 3 options in form controls. If you remember, he even mentioned them as “Mystery”. Haha! No problem. It is no more a mystery as we have an answer for that.

Correct Answer From Last Week’s Challenge

You can enable these grayed out icons by creating a new MS Excel 5.0 Dialog Box.

To do so, right-click on any tab and select Insert. Choose MS Excel 5.0 Dialog from the list. Jordan explained in practically in the below video. So, do watch it!

Winner of this challenge is Piotr Majcher. Congratulations! You won VLOOKUP book and get in touch with Jordan to claim the same.

Name The DAX Function

With the advent of PowerPivot, Microsoft introduced the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).

For the most part, DAX functions and regular excel functions are exactly alike (eg SUM () is the same for both).

Name the DAX function that does the same thing as another Excel function but goes by a different name.

Hurry Up To Answer

This is really an interesting challenge. Go ahead and comment your answer in Excel TV blog post or Facebook. You can even mail the answer to [email protected] or tweet to @ExcelTV. Come On!

Sridhar Belide


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