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The Excel Rollover Mini FAQ

As more people are use the rollover method (or “Interactive Hyperlinks” as Chandoo calls them), I thought it might be helpful to answer common questions I’ve seen popping up on forums. So, in no particular order, I present the Excel Rollover Mini FAQ! 1. Are there example articles and spreadsheets on how to use Excel […]

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Needs More Rollover: Quick Tip!

More people are interested in Excel mouse rollovers, which I think is great. I’m especially enthusiastic about Chandoo’s latest dashboard contest where I found out that several contestants used the technique! By the way, there are many great dashboards showcased in the contest. Take a look and make sure to vote! So here’s the tip. If […]

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Spreadsheet Guidelines and Best Practices

Today, I found this journal article, The role of OR [Operations Research] specialists in ‘do it yourself’ spreadsheet development, from the European Journal of Operational Research, by John S Edwards, Paul N Finlay, John M Wilson. The article outlines 20 Guidelines for Spreadsheet Development and 21 Best Practices Points, which I excerpt below. Guidelines for Spreadsheet […]

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My Top 5 VBA Development Environment Tips

So you’ve got a project that requires VBA – you’re ready and excited – and you jump right in! But here come the headaches! With every syntax error the visual basic environment interrupts your programming mojo with an annoying popup. You remembered to place comments in your code – but where are the ones you’re looking for? […]

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How to Create a Rollover Effect in Excel: Execute a Macro When Your Mouse is over a Cell

“Rollover B8 OV1” (like Rollover Beethoven…? get it?)Update 17 July 2011: This blog entry was featured in Chandoo’s latest post. So if you’re coming here from his site — welcome! original post: This post was inspired by Chandoo’s post on hyperlinks in Excel. If you haven’t checked his website out yet – you should. It’s […]

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