March 22

Dispatches from the Microsoft MVP Summit


Well, another Microsoft MVP Summit is now one-and-done. It's my sixth year as a Microsoft MVP, and so much has changed since the first time I went back in the day. Excel 2013 was in development and many of us were still using Excel 2010! Crazy!

Reflections on being in this space, and a big thank you

When you start developing in Excel, you remember the blogs that really helped you out. Many MVPs, however, have segued their work into the entrepreneurial space. That education - how to run a business consulting and training with Excel - is something that many blogs don't teach. For me, talking to experts who've done it is invaluable. 

And so, I would like to give shout out to four Excel MVPs in particular who've helped me in this journey. They aren't just Excel experts, they're also experts at really understanding what Excel users need and creating outstanding products (many of them free!). They're as much friends as they are mentors.

In no particular order: 

(While not an MVP, I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention John Michaloudis - - for his help as well!)

Seeing everyone in the flesh

Even as this is my sixth year, it never really gets old meeting my heroes in the flesh. Here are some pics of the event. 

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Name that MVP!

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Me, Mynda, Oz, Chirs (TheSpreadsheetGuru), Jon 

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Me, Leila, Mathieu (RubberDuck VBA), Oz

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The venerable Bill "Mr. Excel" Jellen, Me

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The big party on the last night!

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Me happily holding a therapy bunny that was (surprisingly!) part of the party on the last night. There was also a great, chill dog to pet. 

What's coming up next?

While at the MVP Summit, I had a chance to interview both Leila and Jon outside on the Microsoft Excel campus. The videos are currently with Jon's editor. Until then, here's a sneak preview:

Jon Interview

Leave a comment!

Want to know what a specific MVP is like in real life? Ask me in the comments. I promise to give you the unflattering, mostly-true version of them!


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