15: Bill Jelen, Mr. Excel (ft. Zack Barresse)

Excel Cage Match

After the kerfuffle Jordan and Bill got into over using Option Explicit (hint, hint: Bill is wrong), we decided we’d hold another cage match of sorts. Although, this time we’ve also invited heavy-hitter Zack Barresse to weigh in. Make sure to save your work before watching and close all applications–because this cage match will crash your spreadsheet. 

Finally, we were happy to have friend of the show Zack Barresses on to show us his new book on Excel Table. Make sure to get a copy before they’re sold out!In this episode, we debate (McLaughlin Group style) such pressing issues as whether or not you should use a pie chart; if you stop talking to people who use Google docs; and who is the sexiest Excel expert (hint, hint: it’s Bob Umlas). But wait… there’s more: Carl Pepperseed makes a surprise cameo, and Oz calls Jordan an “old man,” because Jordan is an Excel curmudgeon.

Where to find Bill and Zack:

The debate lives on!

What did you think about the episode? Any ideas, opinions, thoughts you agreed or disagreed with? Let us know.

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August 5, 2014

14: Jon Acampora, Excel MVP
  • @Rick: you are the one who started the fight. Lol
    3D charts are really bad except the 3D Pie Chart. They are nice.
    VLOOKUP for life!!!!!!
    Minus 7 for name dropping. Lollllll
    Oz, “it’s like typing in Text Box”. I loke that one. Lol
    By the way, Chandoo is a real master.
    BIG DATA! Seriously Bill. Lol
    Oz’s VBA with Pivot Table is awesome.
    Zack must be an engineer. Look at his living room. Lol
    @Jordan: Vertex42 is cool. They have so much templates like you said.
    Rick, I am streaming straight from the website.
    That was the funniest show ever. I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Re: OZ tip to add drop down funcionality to pivot table in episode 015 (at 50 mins).

    This was extremely useful and helped me add this functionality to my own pivot table. All worked fine until I attempted to add further data and refresh the pivot table. A pop-up emerges and Excel says it can’t find the origional source data.

    This issue had previously occurred when I attempted to copy the origional pivot table as a template for other users. I managed to remove the error by going into Options and switching off the tick box that auto-refreshes the data upon closing/opening the file. On this occasion with the macro added, however, the error remains.

    Please do you have advice to remove this? Thanks in advance.

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