17: Dave Bruns of ExcelJet.net - Excel TV

17: Dave Bruns of ExcelJet.net

Dave Bruns of ExcelJet.net

Dave Bruns and his wife Lisa run the website ExcelJet.net.  A site that was designed to give people answers to their questions so that they can be productive and get back to work.  He adds content to the site weekly.  The site is known for its training classes.  Dave has 4 training classes on the site as of this writing:

  • Excel 101 – will give you a solid introduction in just over an hour, complete with practice worksheets.
  • Core Excel – will teach you how to use a spreadsheet with ease and confidence
  • Core Pivot – step-by-step course that will teach you everything you need to know to use this very powerful tool
  • Conditional Formatting – show you how to use conditional formatting communicate key insights with clarity and impact

Minimalist Guide to Excel Functions

Dave also discusses a portion of his site dedicated to making functions simple by breaking them down and seeing which functions accept which arguments.  And which arguments are optional and which are required.


Excel Shortcuts

The panel discusses shortcuts.  Are you good at them?  Do you use them?  How do you use the finite space in your mind?  Do you fill it up with shortcuts?  The panel discusses the topic.

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  • thomas barrea says:

    I have read the nesting ifs but the little knowledge I have of excel has prevented me of getting it to work.. can you do it for me? row T1 value is 8 or less, row X1 value is 1.1 or more.
    Could I get a quote from you to convert a excel program to a visual basic program?

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