32: Bill Jelen’s 40 Greatest Tips Of All Time Book

Bill Shows Up Like A Rockstar

Complete with posters in the background highlighting his latest tour.  Well, perhaps that isnt a tour, but rather the book that he just completed with Szilvia Juhasz.
The Book has a Roman Numeral feel. This is Bill’s 40th book.  Roman numeral for 40 is XL… which is Excel… Get it?
The book is full color, glossy paper.  High class
Bill funded the book through crowdsourcing.  He offered signed copied of the book as well as other goodies for those that helped source it. It was definitely a community effort.  All of us here at Excel TV chipped in for the funding.  But several people even pitched in with additional content.
  • Szilvia pitched a cocktail book, which is included (along with being the co-author)
  • Jordan has a section on Excel Jokes
  • Debra Dalgleish offers Excel Theatre

Check Out Bill and Szilvia’s Book

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