09: The Founders of Excel Modeloff

ModelOFF: The Largest Excel Modeling Competition in the World

This is our ninth episode of Excel TV and we were excited and honored to have the founders of ModelOFF join us, John Persico and Johann Odou. For those of you who don’t know, ModelOFF is large spreadsheet and financial modeling competition held in New York City. It’s perhaps the largest competition of its kind anywhere.

Emphasis on Excel

In this episode, we talk to John and Johann about how ModelOFF came about. Both felt there wasn’t enough emphasis on developing spreadsheet skills. Obviously, our panel agreed with that assessment. We talked at length on how Excel skills are sometimes unappreciated in many business organizations and institutions. ModelOFF, therefore, helps reward employees with those specialized spreadsheets skills and raises awareness of how powerful the Excel platform really is.

Excel Development Styles

Most interestingly are the different development styles that have appeared in the competition. Some developers are very structured, methodically developing in steps toward a final solution. While others use a spreadsheet the same way one might use a scribble notebook. What style are you?

ModelOFF Pro Tip

Several competitors ripped off the F1 keys from on their keyboards during competition for fear they may accidentally press it and get slowed down. We recommend asking your company before modifying your keyboard.

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Learn amount ModelOFF

How about you?

Have any modeling tips to share? Do you plan on joining the competition? Any great tips and ideas for us? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to get more Excel delivered straight to you through the power of the internet!


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