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  • If you spend a lot of time on the internet searching for Excel help (ie. Google, YouTube), you've probably dreamed of an Excel resource that was reliable, comprehensive and focused on the latest technologies
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  • If you're now in charge of data analysis, reporting, visualizing and working with data, but it's a new role or you have recently graduated and you have now idea where to start

EXCEL.TV ACADEMY IS for anyone has wants to become better at microsoft excel


The Excel.TV Academy is an online platform for those looking to do more with Excel and become better Excel users

The academy's online library includes 100+ tutorials and direct support from a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

The platform allows you to find what you're looking for - or you can go through each class and module. How you learn is up to you! 


One of the best and unique learning experience

I am working as a CFO in a large FMCG and apart from generating monthly reports a part of my job is to provide regular insights and analysis to the management regarding different functions and areas in the organization.

One of the great thing about the courses taught here is that they are unique and teach you to work differently and think outside the box. The methods explain are fairly simple and yet so powerful it almost seems unreal.

I love the way how Jordan explains different topics and bring the students up to speed with what he is trying to explain. His method is very engaging and simple and i like how he takes time to go into detail explaining different ideas.

I would definitely recommend Excel.TV to my friends and colleague and that is because i think it has some really cool tutorials and some of the techniques shown here are definitely worth learning.

Abdul Haseeb CFO

We CANNOT thank Jordan enough for the course he provided!

Working in the fashion retail company as part of the support office to our stores, we are working with a heavy focus especially using excel.

He strategically helped us navigate all of the potential that excel has to offer to take our analysis and worksheets to the next level! The group loved how Jordan kept them engaged -- I would recommend this class a million times over to anyone looking to really pushing themselves to learn what is possible with excel.

Thank you Jordan!

Nicole Sisto Office Manager, H&M

Course Library & CURRICULUM

  • Amazing dashboards for Excel in seconds. This course will make upskill your Excel skills like no other. If you ever wanted to know what the experts know, this is your course. Hours of content, labs + more included!
  • Master Excel dashboard formulas and charts. Create charts that don't exist in Excel! 
  • Become data visualization wizard. Let your Excel dashboards and reports set the standard in your office! 

Course Cost for non Academy Members - $497
Course Cost for Academy Members - Included

  • Transform data from ANYWHERE in seconds. 
  • Become a Power Query master by taking advantage of incredible data wrangling tools that will make your boss fall in love with you
  • Easily create tables out of any kind of data no matter the shape or size of your data. 
  • Learn this incredible new Excel feature before everyone else!

Course Cost for non Academy Members - $197
Course Cost for Academy Members - Included

  • Learn EVERYTHING there is know about Pivot Tables with super helpful instruction in bit sized videos. 
  • Master the tips Excel Gurus use to model metrics in seconds
  • Create interactive tables and reports -- dominate GETPIVOTDATA, and more!

Course Cost for non Academy Members - $497
Course Cost for Academy Members - Included

  • Use Jordan Goldmeier's Hyperlink Rollover to add incredible functionality to your charts not thought possible in Excel!
  • The only charts for intermediate-to-advanced Excel users looking to turbo charge their data visualization capabilities
  • Exclusive content you won't find anywhere else -- courses are built on top a bug Jordan found in Excel and exploits to create AMAZING interactivity 

Course Cost for non Academy Members - $197
Course Cost for Academy Members - Included

  • 16 incredible, ready-madeExcel templates with video tutorials
  • 2 eBooks to show you how to use Excel to support your business 
  • More than 100 pages of content - Endless ideas to improve your Excel templates!

Course Cost for non Academy Members - $197
Course Cost for Academy Members - Included

  • These are my resources I used for my company! But I am sharing them with you because I want you to become the BEST at Excel. 
  • Learn what employers are looking for to land in a job in Excel.
  • Download my personal proposal template to use before you start an Excel project. 

Course Cost for non Academy Members - $97
Course Cost for Academy Members - Included

  • Learn how our brains turn data into information, including the Gestalt Laws of Psychology and the Preattentive Attributes
  • Become an expert at evaluating data visualizations
  • Learn the difference between data graphics and info graphics -- and why it's so important to know your audience when creating visualizations! 

Course Cost for non Academy Members - $97
Course Cost for Academy Members - Included

  • You don't need to be an Excel expert to create stunning data visualizations and reports
  • Learn how the Excel masters create fast charts to solve any type of business problems
  • Set it and forget it! - learn how you can build your charts once and use them forever!

Course Cost for non Academy Members - $97
Course Cost for Academy Members - Included

COST OF COURSES if purchased a la CART - $1876 / year

Join now and save over 90%!


And to further help you with your enrollment decision, please sample these free training Videos taken directly from The MyExcelOnline Academy online course itself...








No gimmicks, no bullshit. We don't hire professional instructors to create our courses, and we don't make "copy courses" to compete with the big providers. We're proud to offer something different: courses taught by professional-professionals on topics we know are important to you.

Professional-professionals? Yes, our course instructors are professionals first. We've had years in the trenches and they bring what they've learned to you, not from a course instruction booklet but from tireless experience. We promise the unconventional, the new and exciting, and the bold.

Our courses teach you what others don't, and that's exactly the way we like it.

If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, let us know for a full refund. No. Questions. Asked.


Differentiate yourself from your colleagues

The Excel Dashboard Pro course is a tremendously well thought out video course filled with practical techniques that can be applied a variety of ways in the corporate world. Jordan Goldmeier has always differentiated himself by not only focusing on Excel’s use of crunching numbers but also the ways it can interact and present data to tell a story. This is what analysts seem to struggle with the most and this course will provide you with a bunch of individual techniques that you can apply to fit the specific needs of your company.

Jordan doesn’t just walk you through how to build various modular pieces you can combine to create a full-functioning dashboard. He also shows you ways to maintain your spreadsheets for future changes and how to format them in a way that makes your dashboard feel more like a standalone application as oppose to numbers filling up a spreadsheet.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to differentiate themselves from their colleagues.


EXCELlent course to learn about efficient data visualization with dashboards

It is amazing how this course shows you how to create stunning visualizations with simple Excel techniques, NO complex programming in VBA, just excel formulas.

Don’t be fooled by the title and think this is just another Excel course with tricks. If you take it, you will learn how to think differently about Excel development and data visualization. It will show you how to display information appropriately to convey the right message.

I would definitely recommend this course regardless of your Excel expertise.

Orlando Mezquita , Owner at MasterDataAnalysis.com

The Perfect Course for Learning How to Build Efficient and Effective Dashboards

I would definitely recommend this course to basically anyone at any Excel experience level.

For the more experienced Excel user, the course does a great job at making you rethink how you're currently doing things and also touches upon some theoretical aspects of visualization that could really help in the development of your dashboards.

For the beginner and intermediate Excel user, the course covers the basics and also provides some tips and tricks that are handy when it comes to learning how to build and use formulas to create dashboards.

The course in general really touches upon the fundamentals and building blocks of how to build simple but yet complex Excel dashboards. You'll learn how to build clean and non-bloated spreadsheets that are easy and effective at providing and displaying a visualization that truly captures and provides the information that the end user is looking for.

Brad Edgar , Owner at BradEdgar.com

If you want to get your hand dirty with some advanced charting techniques, then this is the place.

I really liked the translation of business needs (requirements) into useful data models, business reporting, business analytics, and decision support tools including informative dashboards to help clients and users identify new actionable insights supported by quantitative information resulting in driving profitable value and turning data into consumable products.

Excel.tv opened boundaries of professional growth as well as personal. The knowledge obtained by Jordan is amazingly incredible, his charting skills are unique and his methodology of teaching is very engaging.

Both the Advanced charting course as well as the Dashboard Pro course are my favorite!

Carlos Barboza ,

Step by Step Excel Dashboards

Your data makes no sense ! Unless supported by an Excel Dashboard. This course Exactly teaches you how to convert your data into meaningful insights.

Even if you are new to Excel Dashboards and reporting this course will walk you through step by step from foundation to utilizing the concepts to create your own Dashboard. This course covers a quite variety of topics which really helps to understand deep concepts rather than just learning tips.


Reinvent Yourself With Excel Dashboard Pro

Visualization was always one trick learned here, another learned there. Ultimately tricks can only take you so far before you need to know the WHY. Jordan Goldmeier and Excel TV are at the forefront of modern Excel visualization.

Excel Dashboard Pro helped reinforce that I was on the right path to mastery but in certain areas I was taking the long way around. After each lesson a lot of my work was reassessed in favor of the methods presented in the course. Not to give too much away but the section on BOOLEAN logic may change the way you use Excel - I know it did for me.


Display Your Data Like a Pro

This is not another “brain dump” of meaningless Excel tips and tricks. The course walks you through the theory of data visualization and dashboards with Excel applications. I have used Excel for thousands of hours and still found new, helpful tips in this series.

The course is also great for newer users of Excel -- it requires absolutely no knowledge of VBA or PivotTables, and Jordan does a great job getting all users comfortable with the tools used in this course. Data visualization and dashboards are powerful techniques for making sense in today’s data deluge. I would recommend this course to those who want to be able to communicate with their data. This is a critical skill for success across roles and industries.

If it makes sense, let's get started today....

One time fee for lifetime access

Simple, fast and effective flexible move


  • Immediate access to Excel Dashboard Pro + Small Business Champion Bundle + Advanced Charting and all new content
  • On a reoccurring monthly payment plan.
  • Cancel anytime.  Includes our 30-day no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee.

$1,800 VALUE

One time fee for lifetime access

Simple, fast and effective flexible move


  • Immediate access to Excel Dashboard Pro + Small Business Champion Bundle + Advanced Charting and all new content
  • Save $51 immediately -- that's 2+ months free..
  • Cancel anytime.Includes our 30-day no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee.
One time fee for lifetime access

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

$997 for lifetime access

  • Excel charts, dashboards, visualization, power query courses with 400+ video tutorials ($1,297 value)
  • New content, tutorials, labs and videos added monthly on new Excel topics ($297 value)
  • Downloadable videos, notes, and labs ($197 value)

FRequently asked questions


Anyone who wants to elevate their Excel knowledge & skills, including….

  • New users, beginners, intermediates and advanced Excel users.
  • Professionals working in the corporate world or government sectors who want to leverage Excel for increased productivity, accurate data management and reporting.
  • People who want to change career and apply for a new job that requires knowledge of Microsoft Excel

It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to Excel. No prior Excel knowledge is necessary to participate in the Academy.


The tutorials were recorded using Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019.

Most of the concepts taught are compatible with:

  • Excel for Windows: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019
  • Excel for Mac: 2011, 2016, 2019


No - this isn’t like school - this is self-paced learning - you decide when you start and when you finish.

You get access to all the training materials.

You can access the course site from your work computer, home computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device with an internet connection.

The course site remembers your progress, so you can pick-up right where you left off on any device. That means you can watch a few videos at work, then continue right where you left off on your home computer.

For this LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP special, you have access to everything forever.


For the Lifetime Plan - you have access to the Academy content FOREVER!


Yes! You will be able to download all the files I use throughout the course. This makes it easy to follow along and practice with our data.


Yes, the Academy (including your student dashboard and all the training materials) can be accessed on any tablet or smartphone, and it looks beautiful. You can watch the course on your iPad or Tablet while following along with the Excel files on your computer screen.


Each video has a discussion section. You can use this section to ask questions and see what questions other students have. We will be there helping to answer your questions.

You can also send an email to our dedicated email support if you cannot find your answer.


Yes, you can use your company's credit card to pay for the course. A receipt will also be emailed to you that you can submit for reimbursement to your employer. Most companies are willing to invest in making their employees even more awesome at Excel!


Yes, there is a team package available at a discounted price. If you get 1 or more of your colleagues or friends to join up to The ExcelTV Academy, then we will give you both a 25% discount on your membership! Each team member will have their own account and be able to track their progress in the course. Please contact us (support@excel.tv) if you would like to register more than 1 member.


If you paid for this one-time payment - you will pay a one-time fee of $397 for our Cyber Monday Special.


You can get a full refund of your purchase within 30 days of Academy enrolment, with our 30 day money back guarantee.

You can cancel your Academy Membership at any time during your subscription.

If you are cancelling your membership outside the initial 30 day money back guarantee period, a refund will not be issued for your account.


We accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as PayPal for the annual membership only.

If you want to pay using PayPal, email us at support@excel.tv

The course fees are shown in USD $

Get in contact with us if you want to pay via bank transfer or check at support@excel.tv

If you need a Tax Invoice for your records, then this can be emailed to you.
We are happy to complete any paperwork your company or government may require.