01: Excel High Priestess Szilvia Juhasz

This is where it all started

Friend of the program Szilvia Juhasz agreed to be our first guest and attempt this experiment with us.  Szilvia is an Excel Trainer and Consultant that works out of Los Angeles.  As such, Szilvia also has a passion for music (believe she sings Jazz as well).  Szilvia is one of the more creative people in the Excel Community, and has leveraged her talent by recording songs with a “Spreadsheet Flair”.  Her songs can often be found on the Bill Jelen’s Youtube Channel.

Here are a few examples:

How Does Excel Make you FEEEEL?

It takes a special kind of person to feel passionate about Excel.

Szilvia enjoys excel because she sees it as “right down the middle between the left brain and the right brain”.  It allows people who are creative and nerdy an outlet to fully explore their capabilities.

Embrace your inner nerd and your inner artist.

Modern Excel

Throughout the episode we had a lively discussion on the role of newer capabilities with Excel.  With the advent of Power Pivot, Power Query and other tools, is the normal VLookup now dead?  What about the role of Modern Excel from a Business Intelligence perspective?

In the news section we announced Chandoo’s podcast.  Oz also warns you about Excel 2003 no longer being supported.

How to find Szilvia Juhasz:

Szilvia is all over the place.  Follow her.

 Leave a comment below about this Episode:

What do you think about the role of “Modern Excel” will have on the future?  Any Jingle ideas for Szilvia?  What do you think about Jordan’s tip of expanding a range to automatically fit various screen sizes?

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Season 01

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  • Great work Zsilvia, Mike, Jordan and OZ, ill share my comments/notes:

    — Excel allows people who are creative and nerdy an outlet to fully explore their capabilities.
    — With Excel you embrace your inner nerd and your inner artist.
    — Oz du Soleil: “BIG Data & business intelligence is gonna happen on spreadsheet.!”
    — Szilvia Started as freelancer (she got laid off) off to Senior Temp Analyst
    — Excel is new the black
    — Excel is like Dennis Rodman, you need a winner, you need somebody to do the dirty work, and thats Excel. well put OZ!
    — Szilvia: “If you dont know what is possible, you dont know what is possible until is shown to you.”
    — Szilvia: 20% is design, 80% handholding, producing caos, educating people. getting IT & finance hold hands. (20% building, 80% communication)
    — Szilvia: Never assume something is as intuitive for someone as for you.

    Modern Excel
    — PowerPivot & DAX formulas
    — PowerQuery
    — PowerMaps
    — PowerView
    — VBA / Macros?
    — SQL Server (SSAS, SSRS, SSIS)?

    Traditional Excel
    — Pivot Tables
    — Formulas
    — Conditional Formatting
    — VBA / Macros?
    — SQL Server (SSAS, SSRS, SSIS)?

    cheers from Lima, Peru!

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