02: Microsoft MVP Coordinator Kari Finn

Straight out of Redmond

For Episode #02 Kari Finn joins us from Microsoft Office headquarters in Redmond, Washington.  Kari maintains the relationship with the North American Microsoft Office Excel MVPs.  From Powerpoint to Excel.  Allegedly Excel MVPs are here favorite… allegedly.

What is an Excel MVP?

  1. An expert with the technology
  2. Use their expertize to help people in the community in some fashion

The spirit of the award is that you are not only a wizard at the tool, but you are also active in the community.  You get an award dinner, a statue, a summit, and contact with the people who make the Excel product.  Of all these things, the summit is a spectacular event.  3,800 are invited and 1,800 attend.  They go from session to session about technical deep dives, etc.  Top secret type stuff about the direction of the product.  Oh… and there is apparently a secret handshake.

How does one become an Excel MVP?

It’s shrouded in mystery.  Kari won’t tell you the criteria.  The reasoning is that they want to ensure that people are contributing to their community, not because they are trying to check a box, but rather that they doing the right thing.

Want to get nominated?

  1. Nominate yourself – http://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/nominate-an-mvp.aspx#iwt
  2. Have others nominate you
  3. Come to the attention of the people that matter in Redmond

Cool thing is that even if you don’t get it the first time, they work with you to let you know how you can lift your game to be better prepared in the future.

Kari admits that bow ties and facial hair is under-represented among MVP’s.  We have her commitment that this will change in the near future 🙂

Your Momma wants to be an MVP too…

So you should tell her about it.  Hit that FB share logo. C’mon.  you know you want to.  Also, what else would you like to know about the MVP program?  Kari is aware of this article and will likely check in from time to time to serve the community.  So feel free to add your questions and comments below.  And sign up for that Newsletter while you’re at it.


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02: Microsoft MVP Coordinator Kari Finn
  • Great trick by Oz!
    Amazing layout to solve the problem with Excel.
    Thanks guys! just quick note, the link provided for Excel MVPs seem to be broken!

    I get this message:

    Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. (404)
    The page you are looking for may have a new location, or is no longer available.

    Looking forward to see Episode #3!

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