Excel Consulting Tips: Using OneNote and Random Generators

Worried with organizing Excel workbooks and formulas associated with it? Most of us who deal with Excel in our daily life which has formulas, conditions and many things associated with it. Have you ever thought organizing Excel sheets and formulas and other stuff related to that at one place? It is really a cool idea and it can be done easily using OneNote. Do not think much. Oz takes you through a small tutorial on how to keep track of your spreadsheet and formulas.

Oz also mentions that, he uses this way of tracking spreadsheet and formulas for his consulting clients. Apart from that, we will be in a need of random data sometimes. Oz also explains the use of Random data which is really needed you want you want to build models without exposing the personal information of your employees or clients. So, let us look in to it.

OneNote to track Spreadsheet and Formulas

OneNote is an amazing thing after Excel and Word from Microsoft Office. It is very helpful to takes notes, create notebooks, chapters and what no everything. It helps us to take notes in the form of text, audio and even you can insert images. Simply, you can create a not book with the stuff which you want to organize at one place.

This can be applied to track your spreadsheet and Excel formulas and that is what Oz has mentioned in the below video. Just insert or attach an Excel sheet in the OneNote and write down Excel formulas which you want to save or which are associated with that spreadsheet.

Insert Spreadsheet in OneNote

You can insert Spreadsheet and any other document in OneNote in just a couple of steps as explained below,

STEP 1: Just open OneNote and click “Insert” beside “Home” button.

STEP 2: Now, click on “Attach File” and select the spreadsheet. That’s it! You could see that spreadsheet is being inserted in OneNote.

We can divide in to sections and they can be rearranged by just dragging and dropping them wherever you want.

Organize Items on OneNote by Dragging

Every item you place on OneNote whether it might be a documents, images or normal text. Whenever you place a cursor, it allows you to drag and drop anywhere in your Notes. We can use this interesting feature of OneNote to organize your Spreadsheet and formulas in a good way and it will be easy to understand.

Random Name Generators

It is always important that we should not expose personal information of our employees or clients. So, if we need to have names at any cost to process your formula, say to fetch the salary details of employees, then you can have fake names in the place of original names.

We can have some fake names using Random Name Generators and Oz has explained the sources and how important they are in the below video.

What are you waiting for?

Hope all of you have enjoyed the tip and you got to know how to track Spreadsheet and Excel formulas. If you have anything to add or share, let us know through comments.

Sridhar Belide


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