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Excel Expert Interviews

Excel MVP’s, Bloggers, FORUM owners, and Trainers

If you know of someone important in the Excel Community, then we attempt to track them down and get them to talk to us here at Excel TV.  This includes Excel authors, publishers, trainers, etc..

Just scroll through the thumbnails below.  You will find Bill Jelen (Mr Excel), Mike Girvin (ExcelIsFun), Chandoo, and the list goes on and on.

So…  what’s the point?

Well.  Most of what you may know about people in the Excel community is what you read on a static webpage.  The point of these interviews is to get these Excel Gurus on video.  Have them explain how they grew their online presence.  How did they get started in Excel?  What struggles did they have to overcome?  How did they become authors?  How did they develop their training? What tips can they share?

And they are a chatty bunch

These interviews were originally scheduled for 7-8 minutes. But we quickly realized that Chandoo was much more “Zen like”, that Mike Girvin was more excited and interesting, Bill Jelen was wittier, etc than we had anticipated.  So you will find that many of these interviews go on for 30+ minutes.  Take a look below.  Click on any of the thumbnails that interest you and the interviews will start playing.

Would you like to be on our show?

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