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Excel Function – Weekdays in Month – Excel Challenges

Hope you are having a great day! MVP Jordan Goldmeier is back with Excel challenge to test your knowledge on Excel functions. Let us look at the previous week’s Excel challenge before getting in to this week’s challenge.

Last Week’s Challenge

Last week’s challenge was “What is the difference between objects using early-binding and objects using late-binding?” Have you answered this?

Correct Answer For Last Week’s Challenge

Jordan said that we did not have a lot of people sending the responses. So, answer for this challenge would be discussed in the coming episodes as this is the important Excel challenge. This is not going to extend further and we have new challenge for this episode. But, you can keep sending answers for this challenge.

What is the function to determine number of weekdays in calendar month?

This week’s challenge is to test your knowledge in Excel functions. “Which of the following functions can be used in a simple formula to determine how many weekdays there are in any calendar month?” Jordan has provided you the options as well and here they are,



c. DAYS360


So, send us the correct option as A, B, C or D. You can even specify the function name directly.

Hurry Up To Answer

Go ahead and comment your answer in Excel TV blog post or Excel TV Challenges forum at VBAExpress.com or Facebook (facebook.com/ExcelTVSeries) or comment on the video. You can even tweet to @ExcelTV or mail at Challenge@ExcelTVShow.com. Come On!