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SSSVEDA DAY 7 – Every Team Needs Someone Who Understands Data

Oz has dedicated this episode to explaining the importance of ‘understanding data’. It is different from ‘doing data’ or ‘following instructions’. Let’s get to it. 1 – What’s What Following instructions is a mindless task. And often, in face of exceptions, it is improbable the set of instructions would cover them. Doing data is about […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 5 – When Data Analysis is Wrong

In this episode, Oz discusses the dos and don’ts of a sticky situation: when one’s data analysis is wrong! If your work involves a lot of number crunching, do read it. Let’s get started. 1 – The Situation Oz was processing commissions for some month and the numbers just looked plain wrong. He checked the […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 4 – Sharing the Excel Knowledge

The theme of today’s episode is about finding better ways to get the job done. And nothing helps take the Excel community towards this end better than sharing of Excel knowledge. To demonstrate this, Oz will be describing one of his own experiences from the early days. Let’s get to it. 1 – Doing the […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 3 – Peek Inside My Excel Work Environment

There is always a set of problems we repeatedly run into as data analysts. We promise ourselves to fix them one day but that day never comes. Well, today might just be your lucky day. Oz is here to share with us some tips and tricks that has helped him smooth out his workflow. Let’s […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 1 – Beware of Ghost Peppers & Suspect Excel Charting

What to do when you are offered ghost peppers or Trinidad scorpion peppers? Which one would you choose? Oz is here to help us out. Let’s get started! 1 – The Evidence The chart on the right displays the Scoville Heat Units (SHU) of different peppers. Poblano isn’t even that hot. And Trinidad scorpion peppers […]

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01: Data Perspectives From An Unwitting Analyst

Paige Takes Us Into Her World Paige Worthy is based in Chicago and is a Client Services Director for a content strategy company that focuses on landscaping companies and green-industry businesses, helping them create content that helps them grow their business and generate qualified leads. Biggest Data Struggle: The data quantifying the effectiveness of the […]

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Introduction – Excel In The Wild

It’s time! Excel in the Wild has started. We’re taking conversations about Excel and data out into the wild! We’re going to have conversations that go beyond experts. Excel in the Wild will go beyond business uses of Excel and explore clever, non-traditional uses of Excel. Via a live Blab sessions, we’ve had 2 fun […]

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