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The Crown Jewel: What You Can Do With The Craft Keyboard, Part 3

As you know, Excel.TV has partnered with Logitech to let you know all about their awesome new CRAFT Keyboard.  Want to learn how to get one for FREE? Sign up to our newsletter to find out more. Logitech gave us several keyboards to give away. We’re looking into contests and other ideas to give them to you! […]

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Excelpalooza 5 – Sept 18-21 Discount Code – Excel TV News

Excelapalooza: User Conference and Training Event 10% Discount for Excel.TV Subscribers Earn Up to 19 CPE Credits Excelapalooza, the fifth annual Excel user conference and training event featuring Microsoft Excel Senior Program Manager Renu Devi, Bill “Mr. Excel” Jelen and L.A. “Mac” McClelland of K2 Enterprises, is offering a 10% registration discount to Excel.TV subscribers. […]

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Financial Modelling Meetups in Australia – Excel News 2016-05

Excel.TV News & Articles Do you know that, text on tabs can be changed to uppercase and that case can also be replaced with another text? Yes, you heard it right. We can do that and we have Jordan “Jlookup” Goldmeier explaining us the same. So, let us learn how to do that. With the […]

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Amsterdam Excel Summit 2016 – Excel News 2016-04

Excel.TV News & Articles It’s time to be brutal! And political-themed dashboards will take the brunt of it. With Szilvia facilitating the session, Jordan, Rick and our special guest Brad Edgar discuss the merits of various dashboard designs. Many a times we want to include chart titles in our dashboards, but we don’t since they […]

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Excel Power User’s eBook Released – Excel News 2016-03

Excel.TV News & Articles Chris Newman of TheSpreadsheetGuru.com joins Excel Expert Interview with Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier on Excel TV. Excel expert Oz explains us how to use Table as structured reference to summarize data. Our very own Oz du Soleil, an […]

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Power BI in Gartner Magic Quadrant – Excel News 2016-02

Excel.TV News & Articles Oz gives some helpful tips in tackling complex excel formulas. In this Excel Tip, Oz walks you through a real life example where a long complex formula may normally be used. Our very own Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier lets us know how to auto resize an Excel spreadsheet with VBA and […]

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PASS BA 2016 Speakers Announced – Excel News – 2016-02

Excel.TV News & Articles Microsoft Excel Video Course Diva and Excel MVP Mynda Treacy joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier to discuss Excel training programs. Paige Worthy takes us into her world. Watch this Introduction video about Data Perspectives from an Unwintting Analyst […]

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Excel Summit South 2016 – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-12-18

Excel.TV News & Article Szilvia Juhasz (aka XSzil) demonstrates how to use VLookup to the left. We all know that VLOOKUP works to the right (of the column with the lookup value). But what if we want the ability to lookup a value to the left? Check Out the Video Tutorial. It’s time! Excel in […]

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30 Updates to Excel 2016 – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-11-27

Excel.TV News & Articles Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier shows you an efficient way to Paste Data to a New Excel Worksheet.  This is particularly useful for large data sets. Michael Alexander of DataPig Technologies shows you how he uses White Space to Make Dashboards more readable.  If you missed it, Michael is also the author […]

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Excel MVPs Convene At Microsoft MVP Summit – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-10-30

Excel.TV News & Articles The winner of this week’s challenge will win an ebook version of Jordan’s new book! What Financial Function Returns The Number Of Periods To Pay Off A Debt? Szilvia Juhasz hosts her Excel Trivia show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Excel Me”. – Where Excel MVP and Excel TV MVPs match wits in […]

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Dashboards For Excel Book Released – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-10-16

Excel.TV News & Articles Excel Experts discuss the topic about how expert Excel programmers form alliances with the IT department.Are alliances even necessary or are they a waste of time? The expert panel discusses about using Excel for Business Intelligence and Analytics – strategies, pitfalls, and stories from their experience as Excel developers and Business […]

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Office 2016 Release Date – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-09-18

Excel.TV News & Articles Michael Alexander of DataPig Technologies and the BaconBits Blog joins us on Tuesday Sept 15th. Listen to a video discussion about his fascination with pigs and bacon, and Excel dashboards. Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier aka Option Explicit explains How To Run Macros In Protected Worksheets Watch and check this another Excel […]

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VBA Pro Course Now Available – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-09-11

Excel.TV News & Articles Excel Challenge Guru Jordan Goldmeier goes to the well once again for the challenge Longest VBA Command that you can think of. Win the new book by Bill Jelen and our own Szilvia Juhasz. Bill Jelen (Mr Excel) explains how to use “Ctrl + BACKSPACE” to bring your active cell back into […]

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ModelOFF Global Training Camps – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-09-04

Excel.TV News & Articles What is the Longest VBA Command that you can think of? Win A Free Copy Of Guerrilla Data Analysis V2 by Oz du Soleil and Bill Jelen. Oz explains how to use the “Quick Explore” to drill in Pivot tables. A stress-free way of drilling your data! Watch this video featuring […]

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Power BI Desktop & Windows 10- Excel News – Week Ending 2015-08-07

Excel.TV News & Articles Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier shows you how to build Sparkline Charts in Excel with this download and tutorial. Our team of experts shows you tips for starting an excel blog with this video discussion. Other News & Posts in the Excel Community Power BI Desktop – https://powerbi.microsoft.com/desktop Windows 10 – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/features Excel Conferences […]

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