Excel Quick Access Toolbar – 003 VBAExpress Forums Challenge of the Week

Hello Excel TV Fans! Have you answered the previous week’s Excel Challenge? If you are good at Excel Quick Access Toolbar, then this week’s Excel Challenge is very interesting. But, before that let us look at the answer for last week’s challenge.

Last Week’s Challenge

Excel MVP Jordan asked to list down 2 Excel functions such that by changing the smallest number of characters in one function would result in the second function.

Correct Answer From Last Week’s Challenge

Correct answer is T() and N() are the two Excel functions which meets the condition mentioned in the Challenge.

T(value) – returns the text referred to by value.

N(value) – converts a value into a number.

This week’s winner is Heather Gray.

Congratulations Heather Gray! You won a cool looking mouse pad as said in the previous episode.

Icons on Excel Quick Access Toolbar Stand For?

We know that, every icon on the Quick Access Toolbar has some functionality. We could know what it is, by just hovering the mouse on it. In such a way, you could see the snapshot of Jordan’s quick access toolbar in the video and you need to mention what each icon on that stands for.

Answer as many as you can and winner will be declared based on the most number of icons you have answered correctly.

What is the Prize for the Winner?

Winner of this week’s Excel Challenge will get 12-month free subscription for Dashboard course of Mynda Treacy from www.MyOnlineTrainingHub.com

Then Hurry Up!

Hurry Up To Answer

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and comment your answer in Excel TV blog post or Facebook or Excel Challenges forum of VBAExpress.com. You can even tweet to @ExcelTV. Come On!

Sridhar Belide


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