September 22

Excel SUMO – The World’s ONLY Spreadsheet Sporting Tournament


Excel TV is happy to introduce Excel SUMO.  The tournament will run through November 10th, 2014.  The Champion will be announced on stage on the final day of the Financial Modeling World Championships in New York on December 8th.

Excel SUMO – What is it?

This is a sporting tournament where we celebrate the best spreadsheets in the world.  Think you have a cool solution you built in Excel that you would like to enter into the contest?  If so, head over to to Excel SUMO and fill out an application.

16 Warriors will Battle

Have an add-in you have wanted to share with the world?  An expense tracking solution?  An excel dashboard that solves all the world’s problems?  Then enter the contest.  16 applicants will be chosen for the tournament.  Record a quick 60-90 second video outlining why your solution should be the Excel SUMO Champion for 2014.  Spreadsheet trash talking is highly recommended.

Win Prizes

That’s right, SWAG.  The winner will be flown to New York to be part of the Financial Modeling World Championships.  If you are an international winner, then you win a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  Second place snags you a New Samsung phone.  Third and Fourth Place winners will both receive Free Power Pivot Training classes courtesy of



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