April 27

Excel Tables – What name did they used to go by? – Excel Challenge



First off let’s chat about the previous episode’s challenge.  Jordan asked

What function sounds like a number but returns a date

If you are the type of person that enjoys a trip down memory lane, you can find the previous episode’s challenge here

Here’s the thing.  Nobody won.  No one.  Nada.   Zilch.

It appears that the answer was SECOND.  Get it?  SECOND.

Yea – Me neither.

Which means we likely have a problem with our question selection matrix that we use at Excel.TV headquarters.  There was some questionable sriracha sauce found near the machinery.

But today is another day

Yes you have another chance.

Now, we all love Excel Tables.  It is rare for an episode goes by where we aren’t hawking one of our favorite books by Zack Barresse and Kevin Jones on Excel Tables <— just did it again

Jordan’s Excel Challenge matrix came back with a doozie this time.

Before they were called Excel Tables, What name did they go by?

Hint… the answer isn’t SECOND

Leave Your Guess in the Comments Section

You could win a slightly used beer coozie.  Or possibly something completely different. 🙂


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