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Excel Hot Tips!

Each episode of Excel TV includes a section of Hot Tips, where we share different was of getting more out of Excel. Legitimate tips can be Excel formulas, VBA, PowerPivot or even non-Excel applications that can help enhance Excel.

Why Hot Tips? Simply, food is not food unless it’s spicy. And we’re here to serve the Excel community.

So let’s think about it. An omelet? It’s not worth eating unless there’s some spice on it. A green bell pepper does not represent fire, passion and delight. It represents B-I-T-T-E-R. No one wants to hear a bitter secret or try to turn bitter leads into clients. No! Excel TV serves content worth consuming. And if it’s too hot,  just drink some whole milk.

How Are The Hot Tips Graded?

Hot Tips are awarded by bottles of sriracha 1 through 5 bottles. 5 being the hottest of the hot. The criteria include:

  • Usefulness of the tip: is it a once-in-a-lifetime task or something that solves a common daily problem?
  • Creativity: does the tip take us through a new way of thinking? Does it have an inventive twist on something old?
  • Exploration: does it take us into a realm of Excel that’s either new or not well known?

You are welcome to send in Hot Tips that might get shown on Excel TV! If chosen, we’ll mention you, your website, and give you full credit for your brilliance and your ability to bring the heat, serving content worthy of consumption by the Excel community.

Sent your heat to: [email protected] and mention Hot Tip in the subject line

The Hot Tips