Excel Tips – Winners Rahim Zulfiqar Ali, Szilvia Juhasz, Heather Gray

Welcome back Excel Lovers! We know that you are very eager regarding this week’s Excel challenge. But, before going in to that, let us have a look at previous week’s Excel challenge where Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier asked you to share your favorite Excel tip.

Last Week’s Challenge

Last week’s challenge was “Send us your favorite Excel Tip”. Hope you all sent us your favorite Excel tips among which one tip will be selected as the best by Oz and there will be a random winner. So, last week’s challenge will have 2 winners.

Excel Tips Received From Last Week’s Challenge

We are receiving more and more Excel tips. So, Jordan decided to extend this challenge to this week also. So, now you got more time to send more Excel tips and select as a winner. So, keep sending us best Excel tips. You can even share the Excel sheet that contains Excel tip through email.

Few Entries Received By Jordan

Among the entries received by Jordan for favorite Excel tips, Oz has selected few among them and explained them in the video. It includes Excel tips from Rahim Zulfiqar Ali, Szilvia Juhasz, and Heather Gray.

Hurry Up To Answer

Go ahead and send us your favorite Excel tip in Excel TV blog post or Facebook (facebook.com/ExcelTVSeries) or comment on the YouTube video. You can even tweet to @ExcelTV or mail at [email protected]. Hurry Up!


Sridhar Belide


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