October 23

Excel Trivia Game Night with Excel MVP Jon Acampora

Join Jon, Jordan and Rick in a game of “Wait Wait Don’t Excel me!”

Rules – No cheating! Right?!

Goal – Name that formula!

Q: This function can really bring you down. It’s certainly where you’ll find yourself after one too many Power Pivotinis.
Answer…anyone? Anyone? Unanimous Panel Fail!
A: Floor function! Brings you down!

Now from the compatibility formula category…

Q: A hardcore Excel nerd will say this one’s named after a French Mathematician, but to most that just sounds fishy!
Tick tock…. tick tock….crickets.
A: Excel TV MVP Rick Grantham scores with Poisson and Poisson distribution.
The Poisson Distribution predicting a number of events over time.
So far, Excel TV Host Rick owns the show.

Query for the single guys….

Q: Single guys won’t do much of this anymore, but at least Excel still does when it’s looking for a DLL procedure.  What formula are we looking for?
Jordan Goldmeier jumps in with “In Bed!” ……….STRIKE OUT!
Apparently we need some single ladies to answer.
A: Call! Single guys don’t call anymore with the advent of texting!

Moving along…

Q: If you’ve got this Excel function, you probably don’t have much money.
Clue: you have one or the other. Can’t have both, money or….
A: Time function, answered timely by Rick.

Now is the time to think history and famous quotes…

Q: If Excel lasts for another thousand years, men will still say this is the finest of all Excel functions.
To what function is this Churchill-ish quote referring?
A: Hour function. Point won by MVP Jordan Goldmeier.

Moving along to Trigonometry

Q: What most people think you are when you tell them, “I really, really, really love Excel.”
A: No, it is NOT Loser function, Jordan, it is Odd function scored by Jon Acampora.

Time For A Score Count

Rick Grantham: II
Jordan Goldmeier: I
Jon Acampora: I

Q: You can get it at the beach, but if you get it in Excel you really know your radians.
Jordan and Rick jinx themselves with “Tan!” Scoring heat goes to a spell off. T, A, N.
Denied. Both are wrong.
A: Answer is ‘ATAN function’. There is no TAN function in Excel.

And now for the musical portion of the show. Name this tune…

Q: When this guy (Lionel Ritchie) does his best Excel work.
No one scores the 80’s flashback tune.
A. Dancing in the Ceiling….Ceiling Function. No winner.

Finally, we wrap up with this final question

Q: Your trainer thinks yours are weak, but this handy formula in the math and trig category will really turn things around.
A: Abs function. Absolute value turns a negative value around.

Today’s winner: Excel TV Host Rick Grantham who says for his championship round he will pose for the next Abs calendar!

What’s Next?

Got some good questions for the next trivia round?  Leave them below.

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