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We CANNOT thank Jordan enough for the course he provided!

Working in the fashion retail company as part of the support office to our stores, we are working with a heavy focus especially using excel.

He strategically helped us navigate all of the potential that excel has to offer to take our analysis and worksheets to the next level! The group loved how Jordan kept them engaged -- I would recommend this class a million times over to anyone looking to really pushing themselves to learn what is possible with excel.

Thank you Jordan!

Nicole Sisto Office Manager, H&M

One of the best and unique learning experience

I am working as a CFO in a large FMCG and apart from generating monthly reports a part of my job is to provide regular insights and analysis to the management regarding different functions and areas in the organization.

One of the great thing about the courses taught here is that they are unique and teach you to work differently and think outside the box. The methods explain are fairly simple and yet so powerful it almost seems unreal.

I love the way how Jordan explains different topics and bring the students up to speed with what he is trying to explain. His method is very engaging and simple and i like how he takes time to go into detail explaining different ideas.

I would definitely recommend Excel.TV to my friends and colleague and that is because i think it has some really cool tutorials and some of the techniques shown here are definitely worth learning.

Abdul Haseeb CFO

If you want to get your hand dirty with some advanced charting techniques, then this is the place.

I really liked the translation of business needs (requirements) into useful data models, business reporting, business analytics, and decision support tools including informative dashboards to help clients and users identify new actionable insights supported by quantitative information resulting in driving profitable value and turning data into consumable products. opened boundaries of professional growth as well as personal. The knowledge obtained by Jordan is amazingly incredible, his charting skills are unique and his methodology of teaching is very engaging.

Both the Advanced charting course as well as the Dashboard Pro course are my favorite!

Carlos Barboza

Differentiate yourself from your colleagues

The Excel Dashboard Pro course is a tremendously well thought out video course filled with practical techniques that can be applied a variety of ways in the corporate world. Jordan Goldmeier has always differentiated himself by not only focusing on Excel’s use of crunching numbers but also the ways it can interact and present data to tell a story. This is what analysts seem to struggle with the most and this course will provide you with a bunch of individual techniques that you can apply to fit the specific needs of your company.

Jordan doesn’t just walk you through how to build various modular pieces you can combine to create a full-functioning dashboard. He also shows you ways to maintain your spreadsheets for future changes and how to format them in a way that makes your dashboard feel more like a standalone application as oppose to numbers filling up a spreadsheet.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to differentiate themselves from their colleagues.

EXCELlent course to learn about efficient data visualization with dashboards

It is amazing how this course shows you how to create stunning visualizations with simple Excel techniques, NO complex programming in VBA, just excel formulas.

Don’t be fooled by the title and think this is just another Excel course with tricks. If you take it, you will learn how to think differently about Excel development and data visualization. It will show you how to display information appropriately to convey the right message.

I would definitely recommend this course regardless of your Excel expertise.

The Perfect Course for Learning How to Build Efficient and Effective Dashboards

I would definitely recommend this course to basically anyone at any Excel experience level.

For the more experienced Excel user, the course does a great job at making you rethink how you're currently doing things and also touches upon some theoretical aspects of visualization that could really help in the development of your dashboards.

For the beginner and intermediate Excel user, the course covers the basics and also provides some tips and tricks that are handy when it comes to learning how to build and use formulas to create dashboards.

The course in general really touches upon the fundamentals and building blocks of how to build simple but yet complex Excel dashboards. You'll learn how to build clean and non-bloated spreadsheets that are easy and effective at providing and displaying a visualization that truly captures and provides the information that the end user is looking for.

Step by Step Excel Dashboards

Your data makes no sense ! Unless supported by an Excel Dashboard. This course Exactly teaches you how to convert your data into meaningful insights.

Even if you are new to Excel Dashboards and reporting this course will walk you through step by step from foundation to utilizing the concepts to create your own Dashboard. This course covers a quite variety of topics which really helps to understand deep concepts rather than just learning tips.

Display Your Data Like a Pro

This is not another “brain dump” of meaningless Excel tips and tricks. The course walks you through the theory of data visualization and dashboards with Excel applications. I have used Excel for thousands of hours and still found new, helpful tips in this series.

The course is also great for newer users of Excel -- it requires absolutely no knowledge of VBA or PivotTables, and Jordan does a great job getting all users comfortable with the tools used in this course. Data visualization and dashboards are powerful techniques for making sense in today’s data deluge. I would recommend this course to those who want to be able to communicate with their data. This is a critical skill for success across roles and industries.



Immediate access to Excel Dashboard Pro + Small Business Champion Bundle + Advanced Charting and new content

On a reoccurring monthly payment plan.

Cancel anytime.

Includes our 30-day no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee.



Immediate access to Excel Dashboard Pro + Small Business Champion Bundle + Advanced Charting + new content

Save $59 immediately -- that's 2+ months free.

Cancel anytime.

Includes our 30-day no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee.

Sample Lesson 1

I like the pace and pitch at which Jordan speaks, just the right amount of description and focused elaboration. He's clearly applied these skills himself, and the resources allow you to follow his workings in the videos. The mini-quizzes are a good way of reinforcing some of the key messages....

C. Chung

Excel Dashboard Pro Student

Excel Dashboard Pro

$397 / yr

Included with your subscription

When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to Excel Dashboard Pro, our flagship course!

Joined hundreds of customers who've learned how to take their Excel Dashboards to a new level! 

You'll learn:

  • Data visualization in Excel - and why you should never use pie charts
  • Info graphics - and how you can match your  data visualization to the right person
  • How to build amazing interactive charts in Excel - without any code!
  • Learn how to bring it all together - dashboards, formulas, conditional formats, and form controls - there's no other course like it!

Sample Lesson 2 - Vlookup

Absolutely brilliant. By far it is the best Excel course I have ever taken. Inspirational.

Excel Dashboard Pro Student

Found the course to be well structured with a good balance of theory and practical demonstrations. A great alternative to using pivot tables for everything as most other courses I've seen of this type recommend.

S. Maunder

Excel Dashboard Pro Student

Sample Lesson 3 - Excel Sorting Functions

Excel Business Champion Bundle

$397 / yr

Included with your subscription

What you'll get:

  • 16 Templates 
  • 2 e-Books
  • Video tutorials for every template

16 Ready Made Templates And Video Tutorials

Ready For Print

More Then 100 a Pages Content

Endless Ideas How You Can Improve

  • BUSINESS MARKETING - 3 Excel Templates
  • FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS  - 4 Excel Templates
  • OFFICE & EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT - 4 Excel Templates
  • PRODUCTS & SERVICES - 2 Excel Templates
  • FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 4 Excel Templates
  • Video Tutorials
  • PDF eBook: 101 Ways To Get More Customers
  • PDF eBook: 10 Hurdles And How You Can Win The Race
  • OFFICE & EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT  -4 Excel Templates

Advanced Charts Mini Course

$197 / yr

Included with your subscription

This includes ALL NEW content YOU CAN'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE using the Hyperlink Rollover method I discovered.

  • Learn to build advanced interactive charts
  • Charts take less than 10 minutes to build 
  • "You built THAT in excel?" .... Create the types of charts web designers think you need javascript for
  • Only a few lines of VBA code - and I'll show you exactly what you need to know

Sample Lesson 1 - Rollover Method Demo



Immediate access to Excel Dashboard Pro + Small Business Champion Bundle + Advanced Charting and new content

On a reoccurring monthly payment plan.

Cancel anytime.

Includes our 30-day no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee.



Immediate access to Excel Dashboard Pro + Small Business Champion Bundle + Advanced Charting + new content

Save $59 immediately -- that's 2+ months free.

Cancel anytime.

Includes our 30-day no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee.

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