No gimmicks, no bullshit. We don't hire professional instructors to create our courses, and we don't make "copy courses" to compete with the big providers. We're proud to offer something different: courses taught by professional-professionals on topics we know are important to you.

Professional-professionals? Yes, our course instructors are professionals first. They've had years in the trenches and they bring what they've learned to you, not from a course instruction booklet but from tireless experience. We promise the unconventional, the new and exciting, and the bold. Our courses teach you what others don't, and that's exactly the way we like it.



Join the hundreds like you who've decided to excel their dashboards and data visualization skills with Excel Dashboard Pro. This course was made with the everyday Excel user in mind so that you can take what you learn and apply it quickly! 

  • Learn the secrets of creating dashboards quickly without VBA or macros
  • Become the data visualization expert in your workplace
  • Stay current with labs, quizzes and more

Course Length: 6.5 hours

Course Instructor: Jordan Goldmeier, Excel MVP 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Skills Learned: Dashboards, Advanced Excel Formulas, Data Visualization

Business Intelligence with Pivot Tables Course

The best, most comprehensive online course to quickly increase your Excel analytics skills and master Excel reports! Wrangle, Crunch, and Visualize Your Data with 8 comprehensive modules that will turn you into a Business Intelligence master.

Course Length: 7 hours

Course Instructor: ‚ÄčKen Puls, Excel MVP

Skill Level: Beginner

Skills Learned: Pivot Tables, Data Sourcing, Advanced Slicing & Filtering

Business Intelligence Pivot Table Error Checking Course

Error Checking for Excel BI Solutions is the quickest way to start building error free work in your Pivot Tables. How much could one spreadsheet error cost?  Well, it cost one bank almost $1b. So, if you work with spreadsheets, you (and your company) need this course. 

Course Length: 1 hour, 15 min

Course Instructor: Ken Puls, Excel MVP

Skill Level: Beginner

Skills Learned: Pivot Tables, Error handling

Introduction to Excel Data Models Course

Learn the 9-steps to great Excel Models! This step-by-step course will teach you everything you need to know  about data modeling in Excel, from soup-to-nuts. Learn how to connect different tables across spreadsheets and even how to easily connect to databases like Microsoft Access. If you use Excel as your database, this course is for you! 

Course Length: 9 hours

Course Instructor: Szilvia Juhasz

Skill Level: Beginner

Skills Learned: Excel Tables, Data Models, Databases, Pivot Tables 


Data Science with R and Power BI Course

The only course of its kind out right now!  If you love excel then you'll love Power BI and R. If you're new to or interested in Data Science, this course is a great place to start! You'll learn how do perform data analysis and data science algorithms in R and then how to visualize those your results in Power BI. 

Course Length: 6.5 hours

Course Instructor: Ryan Wade

Skill Level: Intermediate

Skills Learned: R, Power BI, Data Wrangling

Meet the Excel.TV Training Team

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Jordan Goldmeier, Excel MVP, Excel.TV Cofounder

Jordan Goldmeier is an internationally recognized data scientist and visualization expert, author, and keynote speaker. He is the author of Advanced Excel Essentials and Dashboards for Excel. He's consulted with and provided training for NATO, Principal Financial, the University of Cincinnati among others. He loves helping people take their Excel skills to the next level. 

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Ken Pulse, Excel MVP,

Ken Puls is the founder of,  hosting formidable knowledgebase of Excel help articles, a blog, and an active forum dedicated to helping users with their Excel issues. For the past several years he's been teaching courses for companies and associations, showing Excel users how to get the most out of the program. He was named Vancouver Island's "Top 20 under 40" business and community leaders. Specialties include Power Pivot modeling, data cleansing and reshaping, and financial modeling.

Szilvia Juhasz, Xszil Consulting

Business Consultant. Data Pro. Analytics Specialist. Model Developer. Author. Thinker and problem solver who loves data, analytics, technology, and knowledge sharing. Unique talent for distilling the dry and technical into the relatable and actionable.


Ryan Wade, Diesel Analytics

Ryan is an analytics professional with close to 20 years of experience. His technical background includes Power BI, T-SQL, R, Azure Machine Learning Services, Excel, DAX, SSAS Tabular, SQL Server Machine Learning Services, Python, VBA, Office 365, SSIS, SSRS, and MS Access. A former student athlete, he played football for the University of Louisville as a blocking full-back and special teams player.