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Excel TV Interview w Chandoo

Hello there. As many of you know, I am work on a side project called Excel TV with my buddies Oz Du Soliel and Rick Grantham. At first, I thought I’d post every episode as they became available. However, I have so much to do during the week, that I already missed posting Episode. In any event, going forward I’ll post episode highlights.
We received a lot of great feedback for last week’s interview with Chandoo! If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, writing a book, or making a larger contribution in the Excel space, this interview is not one to miss.

I’m also doing a free webinar for ExcelAdvise, this Saturday, April 5 2014 @ 11am Eastern Standard Time. Seats are limited, so if you want to see me in action, reserve your spot today. Go to the ExcelAdvise facebook group to see how to sign up.