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39: Power Query Book Author Ken Puls

Excel MVP, Blogger and Author Ken Puls Ken originally appeared on Excel TV during Season 1 where we discussed training methods for Excel teachers. Ken is the host at The site is popular for the Excel Guru forum as well as Ken blog posts.  Most recently, Ken’s posts have focused on Power Query This brings us […]

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38: Mynda Treacy – Online Excel Trainer

Mynda Treacy runs one of the more successful online Excel Training programs on the internet at Courses range from Power Pivot to Excel Dashboard development with nothing more than Excel and some raw data. Mynda joined us to discuss how she built her online empire, and what did she learn about the business of […]

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37: Oz du Soleil – Excel Author, Blogger and Consultant

Excel TV alumnus Oz du Soleil joins us to discuss: His new book on Data Management His experience with using Indie Go Go campaign to fund book illustrations His long awaited Excel TV show that he has been working on. Excel In The Wild That’s the name of Oz’s Excel TV show.  The first episodes […]

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36: Johann Odou – ModelOFF – Financial Modeling World Championship

Johann Odou, the CEO of Professional Services Championship League (PSCL), the group that runs ModelOFF (Financial Modeling World Championship) joins us on Wednesday October 7th at 9:05pm Eastern. Some big happenings in the 2016 version of ModelOFF. ModelOFF moves to London for 2015 Global Training Camp for 2015 ModelOFF Meetups happening around the globe Free Registration For […]

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35: Michael Alexander – DataPig Technologies – Power BI Bootcamp

Michael Alexander of DataPig Technologies and the BaconBits Blog joins us on Tuesday Sept 15th at 9:05pm Eastern. We will discuss Michael’s blog, his fascination with pigs and bacon, and Excel dashboards. Additionally, Michael will expand on what is happening with his Excel Power BI bootcamp in Dallas, TX. Excel Contest? Well… kind of. During […]

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34: Jon Acampora – – VBA Pro Course

Excel MVP Jon Acampora of Excel joins us to discuss his new VBA Pro Course. The show aired 9:05pm Eastern on Wednesday September 2, 2015. During the interview, Jon not only discussed his course, but also offered a complimentary copy of the course.  What did you have to do to win? Go to the […]

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33: Chris Newman aka Chris Macro –

Welcome to The Spreadsheet Guru Chris Newman aka Chris Macro aka TheSpreadhseetGuru joins us to discuss the creation of his blog.  Chris runs TheSpreadsheetGuru Chris gathered his skills in the workplace.  During a rotational assignment he happened upon Excel and had to clean up spreadsheets and found that he had a gift for it.  His […]

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32: Bill Jelen’s 40 Greatest Tips Of All Time Book

Bill Shows Up Like A Rockstar Complete with posters in the background highlighting his latest tour.  Well, perhaps that isnt a tour, but rather the book that he just completed with Szilvia Juhasz. Get The Book Here The Book has a Roman Numeral feel. This is Bill’s 40th book.  Roman numeral for 40 is XL… […]

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31: Dick Moffat’s Spreadsheet Blog

Dick Moffat runs the aptly named Dick Moffat’s Spreadsheet Blog.  He started the blog at the urging of his friend Simon Murphy that runs Smurf on Spreadsheets.  Dick’s blog is much more of an opinion blog than a how-to blog.  He is a highly sought after consultant, so he doesn’t give away his trade secrets […]

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30: BI Thought Leader Mico Yuk

Author, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker… It’s easy to ramble off adjectives when introducing Mico. In her young career, she has accomplished more in the Business Intelligence and visualization community than most others. I first met Mico several years ago at a BusinessObjects User conference.  But I was familiar with her work long before then.  If you […]

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29: Excel Inspired Cocktail Book w/ Xszil

Fan favorite Szilvia Juhasz joins us to discuss her book that will be released as a subset of Bill Jelen’s (aka Mr Excel) much anticipated XL: 40 Greatest Excel Tips of All-Time.  The release is aimed for September 2015. Szilvia’s book is an Excel Themed Concktail book based on Excel references and Excel Gurus. Szilvia […]

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28: Dan Fylstra – CEO Frontline Systems – VisiCalc Distributor

Dan Fylstra was there when it all started.  In charge of “Personal Software” – the distributor for VisiCalc, the first ever spreadsheet program. Dan is now the CEO of Frontline Systems, the guys who created the solver application within Excel.  Find them over at History of Visicalc Dan explains that the history of Visicalc […]

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27: PASS Business Analytics Conference 2015 – LIVE Stream

That was fun The entire Excel TV cast was present at the 2015 PASS Business Analytics Conference.  We were each presenters at the conference, speaking on items including data visualization, Business Intelligence strategy and and cleansing data in Excel. On the second day of the conference, we were given the green light to stream LIVE […]

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26: Excel.TV Roaming Reporter Carl Pepperseed

Don’t let the folksy demeanor fool you. From his straw hat to his “Gone With the Wind” mustache. From the tip of his bluetooth earpiece to his Adidas track suit. All properly positioned to hide his blinking ankle bracelet and prison stories. Carl Pepperseed is a man who has seen the spreadsheet world.  Seen it […]

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25: SQL Server MVP & PASS BA Conference Member of the Board Denise McInerney

All About PASS BA Conference SQL Server MVP and PASS Member of the Board joined us to talk about the coming PASS Business Analytics Conference scheduled for April 20-22 in California. There is an added catch to this episode…  Jordan, Oz and Rick are all presenters.  Covering a variety of topics from Visual Analysis, to […]

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