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48: Oz du Soleil…Supercut!

Excel.TV’s 50th Episode!It’s finally here! Roll out the red carpet, prep the T-shirt cannons, and turn on that fire house! BECAUSE. TODAY. EXCEL. TV. RELEASES. IT’S. 50TH. EPISODE. LOL: Last week was our 50th episode – but this feels momentous nonetheless!It’s Oz, like you’ve never seen him before!We took some of our favorite clips from the last […]

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47: Alex Powers of

Excel.TV is back, baby! Stop by here at 8:00pm Eastern on Wednesday January 23rd for a LIVE episode with Alex Powers of Excel.TV alumnus Oz will also be joining us for an awesome show! If you missed the glory days of Excel.TV, well, now’s your chance to join us for the fun. Be sure […]

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46: Like A Phoenix – We’re Back

It has been almost 2 & 1/2 years since our last show.  After some turmoil and growth, we are back for Season 4. What are you gonna find in this episode? Well, Rick and I (this is Jordan typing 🙂 ) discuss changes in our lives and changes in Excel. A lot has been going […]

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